Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Choosing Health

Presently, I can do one round of complete dumbbells (11 exercises) along with push-ups and abs exercises thrown in, every day.
I feel if I do two rounds of complete dumbbells, push-ups and abs; then I will be able to do for two days only. I would need my third and fourth day for rest. Maybe I can do yoga on the third or fourth day.
I also feel that if I do three rounds of complete dumbbells, push-ups and abs; then I will be able to do for one day only. I would need my second and third day for rest. Maybe I can do yoga on the second or third day.
I want you people to flex your medical intelligence. Which of these is better for health?
The second option is the best. Two days of work and two days of rest.
The first option is no exercising at all. I will not be stretching myself in this routine as I expect body to recover on its own.
The third option is strenuous and needs two times the rest for one day exercising.
Suppose I need to include jogging, then?
Well to me jogging is about weaknesses. The weakest in you. Currently Delhi is foggy and cold. Not suitable for jogging.
But if the weather was good, then ? Can you help me here? My intelligence is weak.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Windows 10 in Nokia Lumia 1520

My Nokia Lumia 1520 now has Windows 10. I downloaded the Windows insider App yesterday and the rest was history. Now my phone has Windows 10. If you look carefully you will see the new Edge browser and Groove music which are a part of Windows 10.
The touchdevelop is also working from the Edge browser. Earlier Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 could not. Hence the second picture.
There are a few ways to run Touchdevelop Apps. The above method is as a Web App. Then you can make a full fledged app too. This feature has been removed from Windows App Studio.
I need to make the phone tiles better. There is no need for two mail apps in Windows 10 for example. These things I shall streamline and post a screenshot of the Windows phone if possible.

I have removed extra mail app. Included g+ app in it's place. All music and video files are in
place. Playlists intact. The second screenshot is the new index interface. It is indeed Windows 10!!

You can see Nokia Mix Radio in place of Groove Music. Also I have removed flipkart ebooks tile and put films and TV tile in its place. Films and TV app will help me in music directors videos. I have Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Kalyanji Anandji, R D Burman, S D Burman, Rajesh Roshan, Shankar Jaikishan, O P Nayyar and Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar videos all downloaded from Mobile WAP sites.
Also I have put Lock Screen snapshot. Windows 8.1 developed store app are working. Also one Windows 8.1 app which is not in store but in phone is not working. But another Windows 8.1 app which is not in store but in phone is working. So a dilemma here. A simple Hub App with texts is working.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Old Wine and a New Bottle or More Kindle Books

Github essentials is the new book. Engineering mathematics, control system engineering and basic electronic devices are books on learned concepts. During my engineering, these three were my only weak areas. Engineering mathematics due to its vastness. Control Systems engineering due to non visualization of practical utility. Electronic devices due to complexity. This is how I feel now. In those times I remember Electronics being tough. Very interesting. But could not cope with this subject. But I realized the importance of its graph. This graph business helped me in power electronics. Engineering mathematics was interesting but field theory mathematics was above head.
Control systems were about memorizing. Mechanical engineering subjects were automobile principles and their practicality. And strength of materials and other issues. This is how I feel now about mechanical subjects. Electrical engineering subjects had winding diagrams, Motor and generator problems and graphs and electrical faults in transmission. Power electronics was interesting.
I became an engineer with 78%. No backlogs. All subjects cleared in one attempt.
In these books, I feel Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest genius. Amazing that so much can be written on drawing and painting. Lenn Redman of Caricatures is another great. I am finding it difficult to keep up with other authors because their vision is different.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Recent Books

I have bought two new Kindle books. One on Touchdevelop and other on Windows 10.
The above are the 18 Kindle books that I have.
I realized that even objects can be in cloud. Earlier I thought only documents. Correct me, Bangalore IT guys. Cloud is Azure, g+ or facebook. Is it not? And GitHub is Hub of objects. And Hadoop takes one into a group like GitHub.
The Steelbriefings blog is taking my time. And I feel it is a viable solution for our group in SAIL.
These are the thoughts in my mind right now. And correct me if you can.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Anticipated Future in Bodybuilding

Quick and complete dumbbells routine for the rest of my life. A possible 4 feet barbell purchase with weights that can be added. For increasing strength.
What comes in between?
My mind. An excuse that is 30 % strong but strong enough to deter me in continuing exercising.
What about food plans?
Regularity in food is working. Only fine tuning required here.
How much motivating is exercising?
Exercising is great. And now I can stand up and offer a seat to a more deserving traveler in daily metro. Thanks to strong legs.
Any new techniques or tips to share?
No. To follow is what I intend to.
Who are the persons whom you advice for exercising?
There are no whos. There is only how much. How much you want to do exercising.
Is it advisable for vegans to do bodybuilding weights routine?
Frankly no. But then interest is one issue. Then the physique of the vegan. Most importantly, the promise to be mild. So a vegan may exercise.
What about running?
Running is about your weakness. The weakest in you. Whether the lungs, the legs or your metabolic capability. Or all. Or some.
Have you realized yourself through bodybuilding?
I do not know whether it is realization or not. But while doing quick and complete dumbbells routine, I felt the urge to do more over my rapid breathing i.e panting. Is this realization?
What do you think it was?
I think it means willingness to improve breathing ability. Nothing more.
Anything else?
I plan to listen to walk-man while doing dumbbells. Let me observe and I shall blog if something important crops up.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Calculate XML - An idea whose time has come

What is the idea all about?
Instead of representing information vertically down, it represents information horizontally. The zero may be treated in a mathematical sense. It is most appropriate for rational applications. The concept is obviously right considering the number scale system.
Numbers by themselves have no meaning to them. So these may be treated as useful for practical applications.
However there may be confusion. These can be handled with limited group guessing software technologies.
Big financial applications need many such individual systems. They may be combined meaningfully as a function of big time.
How do you like this idea?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Acer Tablet with Keyboard

I have bought an Acer Tablet with keyboard and Windows 10 for Rs.16,000 (US $ 250), on the occasion of Diwali.
What was the need ? I wanted a Windows 8 tablet. This thought was always inside me.  Now with Windows 10 in the market I decided to make a move and buy this device.
I want to use this device as a Web Services tab. I want to view my blogs as an app. Can I make a post and make comments in a post from an App? I need to check this out. Also I would want to store videos of Kishore Kumar interview, Mohammad Rafi interview, Pyarelal interview videos in this tablet. Also videos of important songs.
I like this device very much. Windows 10 in a touch tablet is a dream. And this dream has been fulfilled.

Friday, November 6, 2015

It makes sense

I have upgraded my office workstation with Windows 10. I earlier had Windows 8.1. I knew that Windows 10 is similar to Windows 8 in many ways. So I upgraded. Here is the screenshot of my workstation:-
I was comfortable working with Windows 8. So I find working with Windows 10 not so different.
In our office we have vision for systems and hardware. We in the office feel that software should only be synchronous with the systems and hardware. But Windows 10 being for almost a mobile device does not easily fit into our vision at office.
But one needs to be in time with technology and this is the reason why Windows 8 was allotted in the first place. And now it is continuing for Windows 10.
All of the Oracle applications do not work in these machines. And also the earlier Visual Studios. But I persisted with Windows 8 so that our company does not loose touch with the latest the world offers.
I shall soon be upgrading my home laptop to Windows 10 as the security is claimed to be higher.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Working it out

What is the secret to eating for bodybuilding ?
Being circular in eating. At regular times. Only regular food. As much circular as possible.

What is the secret to success in bodybuilding schedule being followed?
Giving importance to resting.

What is my desire in bodybuilding?
Improve my strength and stamina. ( Maybe a top 5000 m athlete, to put focus on my desire )

What is the plan that I hope to follow for the next 3 months?
Here it is :

Thursday, September 10, 2015

About sketching . . .

Normally, I listen better. I am not serious when I look. As a feedback from SAIL Management Training Institute (MTI), I have a tendency to look above a person's head.
When it comes to choosing a subject for sketching, I am good in identifying contrasts. But I like sculptures and intricate designs within a subject. A sure signal for failure when I have an average drawing skills.
I want to develop this contrasting identification skills and make it simple. Assimilate this process and divide it into four shades like David Rankin namely, white, light grey, dark grey and black. Then try to put into paper.
About caricatures, I am good in shapes, but amplification is small. I need to improve this. And then improve lines within a face. And then learn shading. Lenn Redman is too good in caricatures and there is a lot to learn from his caricature book.
I many times wish there was more than 24 hours in a day. There is so much to do and learn.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Two new Kindle e books

I have bought two new books for my Kindle device and Apps.

The two new books are :-

1. Fast Sketching Techniques by David Rankin.
2. How to Draw Carricatures by Lenn Redman

I am good in drawing faces. I think I have understood the shapes and positioning of a face. But what I lack is depth. I hope to learn it from the book, How to draw caricatures. I am positive that this book will be very useful to me.

I wish to pick up fast sketching skills. I would take my sketch book along with me when I go to tourist places. But then I am not good in sketching. This book will help me in seeing well in a way which is suitable to my style and then draw a rapid sketch.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 7

Tukun Mitra was a World Bank executive. Tutun Roy was Delhi state finance secretary. Mukul Dey was president of Tilak Nagar Residents Welfare association. And Murugan was a resident of Tilak Nagar. All the four were close friends during childhood. Murugan invents astonishingly accurate finance theory.
Murugan was poisoned next day. Who killed him?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 6

Paani Paani was a great humorist. He was good in mimicry too. He could easily mimic American teacher Stephen and an English teacher Firdo. Bomb Cheda was his rival humorist. He couldn't do mimicry though.
One day Paani Paani was poisoned after a show. Who killed him ?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 5

Sagar "Safe Corner" was on a lookout for competition. He was the best in music. His forte was the antara. Music directors may be good in sthahi. Music directors may be good in arrangement. Music directors may be good in coordination. Or any other. But he was a killer when it comes to antara composition. His confidence was higher than SRK of "Fauji". This is what his friends Nepa, Banga, Sri and Bhuta would say. Not he.
The other music directors contacted "Halwai" Jigar to get rid of Sagar "Safe Corner". "Halwai" Jigar then put him in a corner for money purposes alone in a room. Fearing competition. Sagar "Safe Corner" rang up Bhuta and told his problems about atrocities of "Halwai" Jigar in cornering him.
Next day Sagar "Safe Corner" was found poisoned. Who killed him ?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Making "Scornproof" Exercise chart

First things first. Is there a workout plan? Yes.
Is it complementary with your body understanding? Yes.
What is it?
Day1. Chest and legs.
Day2.Abs and backs.
Day3. Chest and legs.
Are you able to follow it strictly? No.
And this is exactly what I want to find out.
I solved the food issue more or less by following circular and regular eating habits.
Let us say circular thing works for me. Am I regular in exercising like a circle? Yes. I everyday go for a workout.
Then, what is the problem?
The problem is I just don't do exercise. Maybe one set of a uninspired lifts which confuses me and makes me think will it not harm me than help me?
OK. Then motivation is the issue.
As far as I can see, motivation is about success. If successful  then you are motivated. You want more of the same and exercising will become easy.
Using reverse logic, body motivation can be improved if body has rested enough.
So get melatonin supplement if your body does not get enough rest.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 4

Tohaar Mama was lying dead in the railway tracks of the Gopalganj railway station.  Tohaar Mama was the dreaded name in the world of smuggling, heroin and organized crimes. He had many enemies ranging from businessmen to politicians. He was run over by a train at 11:30 pm. He was presumably pushed from the over-bridge above the tracks. The police were examining the body of Tohaar Mama. They found a letter in his pocket in which the writer "Threatened to push Tohaar Mama from Gopalganj railway station overbridge if he dares to come there at 11 pm. Otherwise he will be considered the greatest coward."
The police made enquiries from urchins, beggars, porters and railway stall men for something unusual the fateful night. They all said that nothing was unusual the fateful night and in fact the dogs too were silent that night.
Who killed Tohaar Mama?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 3

Tapan worked for a military medicine whorehouse run by Jose Cariah.Tapan was known for his faithfulness.
He had a happy wife and two sons.
Then there was a severe crisis in the military medicine whorehouse. Tapan was scared. He asked Jose to shift the statue of founder elsewhere. Military became very angry.
Tapan discussed the problem with his family.
Next day Tapan was poisoned. Who killed him?

Who kiiled him ?Story 2

Kamal was a self made man. He had clean records of performance to boast of. He had a great family too. He was a star in some people's eyes.
Radha was a dedicated girl. An object made with dedication is important than a successful object, she would say.
Swastika was a determined girl. Anything can be achieved if one is determined, she would say.
Eesha was a dignified girl. You do not need a big position to be big, she would say.
Radha, Swastika and Eesha were jealous to the extreme of Kamal`s position.
One day Kamal died due to poisoning. Who killed him?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 1

Yakub was a brilliant employee. He got into the limelight because of his genius. Many bosses wanted Yakub to be in their team. Bhargav, vice chief of Manufacturing. Vikram, vice chief of Publicity. And Wasim, vice chief of Sales. Bhargav, Vikram and Wasim were bitter rivals. They knew the importance of Yakub. Wasim managed to get huge orders from a trusted and old customer. Vikram changed his advertisement agency and was successful. Bhargav got a new partner for expansion. Meanwhile Yakub was found dead due to poisoning. Who killed Yakub?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Improving Running

Improving running is a difficult thing. A 30 minute run at 6 kmph speed can hardly be called a running. It is jogging. A double digit speed for 1 hour is what I am looking out for. This is needed by September. And that too in a consistent manner. Because during November will be the marathon contests.
First things first. Do I have a motivation for running? No, I don't. Many times I just stop and do not run again.  So at best I am able to run at a speed where my thoughts are not affected. I need to make running exciting.
Secondly, I feel if I run for getting more and more breath for more and more time, I can run faster. But in all of my jogging history, breathing was the stable point.  To make this unstable and dynamic will be difficult. Something that I need to improve. I like being dynamic in breathing but only for a minute or two. Then I get back to my slower speed.
Thirdly, body weight. If my body tries to maintain momentum then there will be a good increase in speed if I reduce weight. If it is energy then speed will not increase much. But my body tries to be in equilibrium. Now, equilibrium is about forces. Neither momentum nor energy but forces in opposition. This gives me a feeling that if I accelerate for a period of time and decelerate later if needed then this acceleration and deceleration technique will be synchronous with my body feeling.
So, from next time onwards I will somehow with difficulty try to accelerate and then enjoy my deceleration that will happen; doing these two one after the other.
By the way, this technique will also make my thinking better. Because I will be thinking about acceleration and the beautiful deceleration that will accompany; the whole time while running.
I will comment later on this technique and write whether it was helpful or not.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Moto X now has 4G

I had a 3G airtel connection in my MotoX mobile.
On Friday, I came to know about 4G in Delhi. On Saturday, I got the 3G SIM replaced with a 4G SIM free of charge while retaining the same number.
Is there any difference between 3G and 4G?
Yes. 4G is definitely very fast in Internet and downloading.  About 8 to 10 times faster. However it is subject to getting internet connection. This is as good as or as bad as 3G.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Inducing discipline in exercising by thoughts

I tend to drive myself into exercising by thinking. Although I have a desire for exercises but still I tend to loose my motivation on some occasions. A 45 minute target is reduced to 30 minutes. Or a weight session is skipped. Or a foam rolling is missed. I simply do not have it in me to go for the finish. I start off with motivation, but then I loose the objective. I simply allow myself to be overcome by my actual body state or perceived body state. I am not sure whether it is an actual body state or perceived body state.
However I am planning to get over this by slow and steady improvement. Probably very slow.
How do I control my food eating craving? I think about Sun, moon, rains and other circular happenings. I say to myself that most of the things are circular and so should my eating habits also be. This thought is working well. You may borrow this idea if you like it.
How to improve weight exercising? I am finding it difficult here. Probably I need Fish oil supplements to make my bones and joints healthy. The dumbbells weights are already less at 22 pounds (10 kg). I think a massage from a masseur is what is needed. But I do self massaging with a balm. And foam rolling.
I am a hard worker and lead an active life. I naturally walk about 9-10 kilometers in a day. But what do I think is sports improvement? Apart from physical thing.
"Sports improvement is the consistent balance maintained between different individual parts and systems under varying circumstances". Also there is a saying that "The chain breaks at the weakest point." Most of the excuses will arise due to the weakest point while in a sports activity. Maybe breath loss, maybe pain, maybe just give up. At that instant one must do something which makes the weakness stronger. Maybe breathe faster and more with mouth and nose. Or maybe reduce speed. Or maybe give up unpleasant thoughts and think about sunset or rains or something.
These are the things that I think about exercising. I am happy that I am consistent for the last two years.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Unproved bodybuilding theory

"Visible fat can only be get rid of by voluntary muscular action" - A challenge statement by Ganesan Kirtivasan, body builder.
This theory is not proved. But then some theories like Fermat's theorem takes years to be proved.  By the way, Fermat's theorem can be proved by mathematical induction. Then I wonder why this proof is not enough? Maybe some brainy blogger would like to enlighten me on this.
Another thing is, in sports it was found that a team which sat for two days analyzing and thinking about improvement performed much better than a team which practiced for two days.
This is important to coaches. Only if the athlete is able to point out his weaknesses properly should be allowed to practice further.
Nowadays it is 45 minutes of slow jogging in a comfortable breathing mode that is being done.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thank you Microsoft

Touchdevelop is an internet based programming for touch devices programs made available by Microsoft. I had earlier developed applications on Touchdevelop. These, I used in mySAIL App which is now withdrawn from the Windows Stores.
Recently, I developed two more applications in Touchdevelop.
About 10 years back, on the MSN site there was a link with an invitation to chat with computer. I thought the program was brilliant but did not have any clue how it worked. It seemed amazing !!
Recently, about a week back, I understood the logic of the program I chatted with 10 years back in MSN site.
I decided to make a similar App. Here is the link Interaction
There is another Touchdevelop application I developed for SAIL products. Which unit makes what product quiz.
Here is the link SAIL Products Quiz.
I had earlier made Steel Game and Email to me in Microsoft's Touchdevelop.
Hope, all the bloggers visiting this site find these programs interesting. And Thanks to Microsoft for making available programming possible from internet.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ambition or Greed?

The other day I read the interview of Divya Narendra. I came to know about Winklevoss twins, Facebook, ConnectU.
I also read about the stress Divya Narendra made on the difference between ambition and greed.  I could not fathom the difference between ambition and greed he had in his mind.
But I found the puzzle challenging and decided to take it up with my method of explanation. To be frank it was not that easy to link the puzzle with the explanation. I mean, it did not click immediately. I had to think a lot, work with my models and then I came up with this explanation.
The figure which is almost self explanatory is here below :-

First of all it is not wrong to walk along arrows. It is also not wrong to collect mangoes fallen on the way. These are guilt free activities and are assumed.
When you are in position A, if you collect mangoes at A, B and at C, then it is ambition.
But if you are in position A, if you collect mangoes at A, E and at F, then it is greed.
This is based on my Pythagoras law. A step from say, A to D is addition to what you walked till A. But Pythagoras says A to B is also addition and so is A to C.
Addition is also guilt free. And therefore my statement is that one may freely use Pythagoras ambitiously and collect mangoes at B and C while at A.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Travel by Delhi Metro

I commute to office by metro. I board at Dwarka Sector 10 and get down at Nirman Vihar station. To reach office.

The morning journey is to read the news in mobile. What is the government upto? What are the major happenings? How is the economy faring? The news app reading is now a little less exciting. But in some mornings I do find reading news from app exciting. And in some not so much. But in most of the mornings reading economic news is now, more difficult. Also I find it difficult to contribute to my economy blog, www.economytoday-kirtivasan.blogspot.in.

In the evenings, most of the time I listen to music. Carnatic music is most soothing. I also listen to old music, new music and Tamil old music.

The metro journey is pleasant with good air-conditioning. Many times in the evenings I do not get a seat and have to travel back standing. But it does not matter with powerful air conditioners.

There are all types of people commuting in the metro. There are some who sit on the floor near the vestibule area. Many times one gets to see young lovers, cuddling and touching. Then there are government service ladies who look at even old men with demanding eyes expecting to vacate a seat for them. Then there are men with games apps or newspaper spending the journey time with the mobile or newspaper.

The best part of metro journey is the Dwarka area travel in the evenings.  There are flats in both the sides of metro of four five floors, all lit beautifully in the evening. Also the metro becomes almost empty before Dwarka area and the view becomes more soothing.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Freedom - A Short Story

Kirti woke up from his sleep at 6 am. He had a good 8 hours of sleep. He felt refreshed and looked forward to this day. It was a holiday and he decided to spend the whole day to his liking.
He went to gymnasium at 7 am and did weights workouts. He was happy with the shape his body was getting into. He did workout for one full hour with concentration, dedication and intelligence. He was out of the gym by 8 am.
He then decided to do a combination of running, jogging and walking for an hour. He did that and by 9 am he felt much worked out and his whole body was enthusiastic and was vibrating with life.
He went home and at 10 am he did prayers to God. For half an hour. Just he and God and the prayers. He thought this time was important to well being of not only himself but also the whole humanity and nature.
At 11 am he decided to teach himself music. He knew the theories and he played cassettes and looked to internet and started singing and learning Raagas. He learnt music for 2 hours.
At 2pm he felt a bit restless and decided to do cartoons. He spent a good 1 hour on this hobby.
At 3 pm he read newspapers and magazines and spent a full one and half hours on them. He was happy with the state of affairs in his country. And he was glad that the newspapers reiterated this fact.
At 5 pm he had a cup of coffee and thought "Why not expand his theories on life and life forces?". He spent 2 hours working on his theories. He used a laptop also to help build his theories and explanations.
At 7:30 pm, he felt hungry and asked his mother to give him dinner. His mother looked at him in anger and said, "You have done nothing fruitful the whole day. Just think it over. If you have to lead a life like this everyday, then, will it fetch you food?"

Thursday, April 16, 2015

mySAIL App

I have built an app mySAIL for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.
This App shall have sales, production figures, some important corporate notifications and present steel scenario around the globe.
You may download it from Windows Store if you have a desktop or a laptop or a tablet running on Windows 8.1. If you have a Windows Phone having Windows 8.1, you may download it from the Windows Phone Store.
This blog post is for receiving comments from one and all, the users of this App. Colleagues of SAIL, not having Windows can also comment. But they must have an Internet ID as per Google's Blogspot comment maker requirements.
I am providing the link for comments in my App. Also there is a provision for viewing the comments made in the App.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Published App

I developed an App in the Windows App Studio and have now published it. This App is of my cartoons.
I request all my Blog followers having Windows 8.1 in their laptops, workstations or tablets to install this App. You may use the following link for installation



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Body Fitness

There are many ways to keep the body fit.

1) Bodybuilding - It is good for increasing muscle strength and helps in working for a longer time. It also helps in reducing fat.

2) Yoga - Yoga brings out balance in body and improves flexibility.

3) Pranayama - Pranayama helps in controlling prana, the life force. It involves discipline in breathing and results in emotional discipline.

4) Jogging - Jogging improves stamina and reducing fat too if we manage food discipline.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Apps for SAIL built

I have developed Apps for my company SAIL. I had to subscribe cloud services to do this. The payment was in dollars and it was a little risky because the cost may be high. But I took the risk. The cost was Rs.1819 in credit card and I managed to subscribe to Microsoft Azure Services.
The second step was build an app. I decided to build it in App Studio as an experiment. SAIL always believed in experimentations. They give a free hand to experiment and then they decide whether the experiment was beneficial or not.
The data is fed into App as a text file from my PC. The App need not be regenerated every time. The data can be fed once in a week or so manually in the App Studio.
Here are the screenshots as in my Windows 8.1 workstation.


 I am a Microsoft certified Windows Developer. What I have done till now is just an experimental development. Including subscribing to cloud services.
To publish the app and make it available for others needs the app to be in Windows Store. Policy questionnaire and legal issues have to be digitally submitted. Of course, payment is also to be made.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bodybuilding continues

This phase of bodybuilding is different.
I was a little irregular. Now I am better. But I am not very excited with cardio workouts. The weights sessions seem good.
It is a bit different here in Delhi when compared to US. One cannot expect to get a favourite equipment at a convenient time. You may have to wait or forego or make choices. Also you must memorize that 1 mile is 1.6 km and 1 kg is 2.2 pounds. I enter gymnasium with an open mind and take one day at a time. But I am not complaining. As a prize to assuage hurt feelings, I recommend the use of health band to the gym goers. The calories and distance run can be noted down automatically. You may buy a Samsung band if you have a Samsung mobile with upgraded Android. But still confirm from the mobile store before buying the Samsung band.
I plan to include heavy dumbbells at gym. Currently I do only machines. Barbells are a bit difficult as I need a trainer always with me. But dumbbells should be fine I think.
Overall my physique has improved. While the protein in my body has increased the fat has got reduced by the same level. Hence my body weight is just 5 pounds less.
The gymnasium activities are still a looking forward to event. I am excited every day in the morning when I wake up.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven things about me

I have got tagged and I am writing seven things about me as per the conditions of being tagged. I won a badge as a bargain. The Blogger Award badge you see below Liebster's Blog badge.

  1. I lead a routine life.
  2. I am bound by nature's plan. Magnetic field, count of trees, movement of bodies etc.
  3. The latest songs I downloaded are Atif Aslam (Aadat and Main mari jaawan), Usha Uthup (Doston Se Pyaar kiya) and Dhrupad by Dagar brothers (Kafi ki Hori - Kesar Ghar ke Rang Bano Hai). 
  4. I have built an Android App of my blogs and have installed in Motorola mobile.
  5. I like wearing good and clean dresses.
  6. I keep my nails trimmed and I shave daily.
  7. I brush my shoes everyday.
So that is it !!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Body and Otherwise

Your palm in the hand has gaps and fingers. The gaps are 1 (thumb and first finger gap) and 3 (the gaps between four fingers). Similar is the other hand. 1 and 3. When we bring two hands nearby, then the gaps become 9 and the fingers 10. (I am explaining numbers using e constant).
These two hands together needs to give 9 or 10.
One formula is , 1 squared plus 3 squared. Which gives 10. Pythagoras.
The other formula is 1 plus 3. Let us say it gives 9. This means it is 1 plus 3 equals 3 squared. This expression is similar to Golden Ratio equation.
How about this ?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to Clinical Fitness

I wrote in the other blog that if Jogging and Dumbbells at home is self-medication, then gym is medication in a clinic. Now, I have joined the gym again. The same Enigma Fitness. For 3 months.
I feel more comfortable and better in gym.
I shall write more on strategies and workout plans later, as and when I discover something significant.