Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spectrum Allocation - an attempt to explain

Today, I somewhat understood about the spectrum allocation.
Spectrum is frequency ranges.
Hardware and devices were available for utilising spectrum. Digital revolution was happening all over the world and India cannot stand alone. That is probably the best reason why India was considered for using these hardware and devices.
Let us say 1000 spectrum was there to be used. Initially, I remember there was an attempt to make mobile wireless completely private company affair. Batata (Birla, AT&T, Tata) term was coined.
Then do not know what happened. Government came in.
Government kept 300 out of 1000 for some unknown purpose. Rest (700) was planned to be auctioned.
Reserve price was fixed for 700. The 700 would have been auctioned to 7 companies, let us say. 100 each. The 7 companies will have 100 customers each.
This is what is spectrum all about.
Spectrum is easily one of the best ways to make India modern. e-governance, communication, idea flows all could have been a reality. But somehow not much was achieved in the rural areas. Instead we are being choked out of software and many software professionals are facing problems with regard to permissions to objects(software).