Thursday, February 22, 2018

Learning Chess

I have the chess app in my Nexus tab. I played a lot of flight games using this tab, earlier. But now I no longer play the flight games. I play chess these days.
For about six months back till a month back, I could not play well. I was very easily beaten. I gradually picked up. Now I beat the tab in Level 3 too.
Chess is now interesting. Damn tough.But interesting. I have downloaded the ebook "The Application of Chess Theory" by Y P Geller.
I also watch opening moves in Youtube.
Middle moves are difficult. End moves are OK. But delayed. Defense is poor. I like attacking. But attack do not get materialized.
I strictly play at home only. Not in office.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mathematical transforms

Yeah. That's what I am reading these days.
Extremely complicated, you may say. Yes it is beyond a common understanding. But then that is how I am leading my life.
I find it peaceful if I think in terms of equations. I believe transforms are happening in my mind plane.
I do not learn the transforms by heart. But I try to understand what the mathematicians think.
What are transforms ?
As I understand (-1)^n is 1/(2×n+1). And both express  even numbers.

Friday, February 2, 2018

More on #PythaShastri

Is #PythaShastri original ?
No, #PythaShastri is not original. All of the ideas are already talked about and written about by mathematicians. Euler, Madhava of Sangamagrama, Vacca and others.

So #PythaShastri is not original?
As written #PythaShastri isn't. However, #PythaShastri is genuine.

By genuine, I mean something like; an angle can be looked at in two ways. One will say acute. Others may say an obtuse angle. Both are right. Both the answers are genuine. And correct.

I just looked at certain things in numbers (and only numbers; not calculus; not algebra etc.) in one way and expressed them.

I believe, I have another expression for gamma inspired on the formula by Polka. However, I am not publishing the expression on Blogspot.

I think the scope for #PythaShastri is over now. These are the things that could possibly be done with numbers.

Goodbye, #PythaShastri. At least in the near future.