Thursday, July 30, 2015

Improving Running

Improving running is a difficult thing. A 30 minute run at 6 kmph speed can hardly be called a running. It is jogging. A double digit speed for 1 hour is what I am looking out for. This is needed by September. And that too in a consistent manner. Because during November will be the marathon contests.
First things first. Do I have a motivation for running? No, I don't. Many times I just stop and do not run again.  So at best I am able to run at a speed where my thoughts are not affected. I need to make running exciting.
Secondly, I feel if I run for getting more and more breath for more and more time, I can run faster. But in all of my jogging history, breathing was the stable point.  To make this unstable and dynamic will be difficult. Something that I need to improve. I like being dynamic in breathing but only for a minute or two. Then I get back to my slower speed.
Thirdly, body weight. If my body tries to maintain momentum then there will be a good increase in speed if I reduce weight. If it is energy then speed will not increase much. But my body tries to be in equilibrium. Now, equilibrium is about forces. Neither momentum nor energy but forces in opposition. This gives me a feeling that if I accelerate for a period of time and decelerate later if needed then this acceleration and deceleration technique will be synchronous with my body feeling.
So, from next time onwards I will somehow with difficulty try to accelerate and then enjoy my deceleration that will happen; doing these two one after the other.
By the way, this technique will also make my thinking better. Because I will be thinking about acceleration and the beautiful deceleration that will accompany; the whole time while running.
I will comment later on this technique and write whether it was helpful or not.


  1. When I blog, I am not able to jog.
    However the reverse is not true.

  2. Accelerate and decelerate is the method I need. Why do I say so?
    The results. The potential. When I started today there was no motivation. I ran on accelerate and decelerate motivation. 12 minutes at 8.8 kmph.
    I will continue like this.

  3. Accelerate, decelerate is accepted method - Lee Labrada,

  4. Dumbbells and weights and non electric cardio cause unwanted jerks. Machine weights and electric cardio are smooth and are needed for accelerate and decelerate experiments - PythashastrišŸ˜ƒ