Sunday, November 3, 2019

The road ahead in art

I have restricted interest in art. And that is pencils. And crayons. I am not into watercolours or oil.
If I follow Andrew Loomis books "Drawing Heads and Hands"(hardcopy that I possess) and "Fun with pencil"(digital copy) then my destination is reached.
There are many bad habits that I have. Not caring enough. Not experimenting enough. Reversing the bad habits is essential. It will take time.
Dear blog readers, have a nice day.

The road ahead in mathematics

First of all, I have got a paper in mathematics published. In the journal JETIR.
I also wish to grade my favourite mathematicians.
Niels Henrik Abel
Carl Gauss
Leonhard Euler
Colin Maclaurin
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Bernhard Riemann
Joseph Fourier
Among present Indian mathematicians I have admiration for Prof.Mahajan, TIFR. And Prof.CSSeshadri.
As I wrote earlier my lifetime aim is to understand the theory of complex functions, j invariant and Eisenstein series and elliptic functions.
I will need 1 year to read initial chapters of the book "Theory of Complex Functions". Then it is likely to be easy. And another year to complete the book.
That's all. All the best wishes dear readers.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

My interests chart

Above is the chart of my interests and my grading of individual points of interests.
In drawing I want to improve caricatures and Manga. I am thinking of "Daily life", an Indian manga series.
In mathematics I want to learn Complex functions. And j series, Eisenstein series, Weirstrass, Reimann and Gauss.
In chess my visualisation has improved. Quite a bit since 3 months back. I have a tab chess app and I try  defeating it.
In music I want to just listen now. Mainly carnatic and pop.
Basically I need an excellent guru. In drawings. My interests in other three are less. And fading.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Mathematics to continue

I hurriedly wrote that my mathematical endeavors has ended.
No. It hasn't.
I shall continue to learn. I shall try and master "Theory of Complex Functions" by Reinhold Remmert.
Though the above is the book I shall be concentrating on; there are two more that I bought in Kindle that I shall be studying.  These are:-

I am not able to open the Kindle book Understanding Analysis by Stephen Abbot either in Kindle reader or in Kindle in Cloud. Possibly this can be opened in my Nexus tab. I have never opened this book. I shall do so in this weekend.
My focus is however "Theory of complex numbers", j invariant and Eisenstein series. And time target is lifetime.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Euler-Mascheroni constant, Gamma

I believe that I am getting the feel of Euler-Mascheroni constant. However my expressions are not strong.
This finishes my mathematical endeavours.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The sixth Rational Series expansion

I had made five Rational Series expansions. These were:-
1. n/(n+1) - (n-1)/n = 1/n = 1/(n+1)+1/(n+1)²+1/(n+1)³+1/(n+1)⁴+ . . . . . .
2. The sequence n/(n+1) - (n-2)/(n-1) and the connection this series had with triangle series. The growth of this series was like 1/(4 * triangle series term).
3. The numerator i.e (n - √(n+1)*√(n+1)) of the expression √n/√(n+1) -√(n+1)/√n was approximately 1/(2*n)
4. n²/(n+1)² - (n-1)²/n² is approximately 2/(n+1)²
5. n²/(n+1)² - (n-2)²/(n-1)² is approximately prime / (n*4)². This was the prime number generator and more than 30% of the results were prime.
Today, I made the sixth expression. And that is
6.  n/ (n+1) -  (n-2)/ (n-1) is approximately 1/n².
So six expressions have been made. It may be confusing for a normal reader of my blogs. But these may be important. I have called then # expressions.
I am able to better my rational series expressions to be more accurate. However Euler totient functions exists. Euler totient functions are better expressions than rational series expressions. I have no doubts about it.
More accurate rational expressions are:-
1.  The numerator i.e (n - √(n+1)*√(n+1)) of the expression √n/√(n+1) -√(n-1)/√n is more accurately 1/(2*n) + 1/(8*(n+1)³)
2. n²/(n+1)² - (n-1)²/n² is more accurately 2/(n+1)² + 1/(n+1)
3.  n/ (n+1) -  (n-2)/ (n-1) is more accurately 1/n² + 1/(2.n³).
This finishes my mathematical endeavors.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

My Zen in mathematics

I have got peace in mathematics.
Well mathematics is not similar to engineering and technology. In the sense that Euler did not copy Maclaurin to get the sine, cosine series in his e to the power (i theta). In engineering a gear box idea may be a patent. But in mathematics it is not. It is nature.
So rediscoveries were not affecting me. What was affecting me was the quality and quantity of my ideas. I used to think I am only 10% of the greats in mathematics.
But then yesterday a thought came that though my quality and quantity are less; the fact cannot be denied that my ideas came from a single stream of thought. The golden ratio.
This gave me my Zen. My peace.
Best wishes to my blog readers.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Salem Steel Plant privatisation

Make in India lion made with Salem stainless steel

It will be wrong to privatise Salem Steel Plant.
SSP produces high quality stainless steel. It is known in every house in India. 
SSP can take on competition from Tata and Jindal. 
SSP is dependent on its market and trusted financers for its running. It is not a loss making firm in the long run.
If a boost is given by the government of India, SSP can make profits.
Privatisation may create job losses of many in SSP. This is undesirable and may cause unrest.

Nicotine Addiction

Earlier I used to smoke cigarettes. I was addicted to cigarettes.
But later I tried nicotine chewing gum to stop smoking. It did not work out.
When I came to Ranchi, I was into smoking and nicotine chewing gums. Then an idea cropped up. I replaced nicotine chewing gum (which was very costly) with khaini in small quantities.
Now I have stopped cigarettes completely. Only khaini. A packet of khaini of Rs5 lasts 2-3 days. I think addiction is less.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Thought fights

I don't like thought fights. I don't indulge in thought fights too.
It is impossible to try and beat a Gauss idea. Or an Euler idea. Or a Maclaurin idea. Or a Fourier idea. Or a Reimann idea. Or a Taylor idea.
I wrote about Laurent series because in my blogs elsewhere I had written on
1. Poochi system
2. Complex conjugates and examples
3. Power series of complex numbers and examples.
I am not very interested in engineering entrance exams or in the courses taught in Indian institutes of repute.
Only guilt that affects me is that I could not make it like Ambanis. Seriously. I always think that I should contribute financially like Mukesh or Anil Ambani.
Another thing that affects me is the military. And I am defensive. Not offensive.
So time, periodicity are tough for me.
But I think I can explain. Wait for my blog post on this.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

These are important

A number n progressive is an important thought of a man.
So is the number n squared progressive.
Also a human wonders about combinations and factorials as the number n progresses. n!.
The + and - signs is an important element in human thoughts.
So two expressions, I present below. They are very beautiful indeed.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Meanwhile in Delhi

I brought the book "Theory of Complex Functions " by Reinhold Remmert from Ranchi to Delhi. To read and get the right picture of complex numbers and complex functions.
You must be surprised that my picture of a complex number and complex function is  correct upto 82.55 %. And 1745 is my personnel number at RDCIS. How about a little help from souls of mathematicians? Please . . .

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Beware of being gutsy

There are three words here.
Brave, Courage, Gutsy.
Brave is to face challenges and take up pain for the consequences.
Courage is to face challenges and try for solutions in a peaceful way.
Gutsy is to face challenges and try for solution anyways.
I would give brave -1.
I would give courage 0.
I would give gutsy +1.
The objective of young Indians should be to go for courage. The 0 in knowledge is an extra benefit.
Courage can be used to improve relationships also as you will then offer a "beautiful" solution to enemies or rivals.
So, what do you have :-
1. You became extroverted with becoming extroverted blog ideas.
2. You understood people with Measuring Behaviour.
3. You started working with Up and working .
4. You became Zero Lazy .
5. You started to Focus better .
Now get the peaceful weapon of courage and get going.
You may use the ideas of gutsy and brave to get courage. Something like adding them. Another thing is you multiply brave and gutsy. So the product -1 and +1 alternates. Then at one point of action between -1,+1,-1,+1,-1,+1 . . . you multiply with courage i.e. 0. You get a solution
I think this is the fastest pi solution. Gauss Legendre formula. 45 million digits in 25 iterations.
Let us build a better India.

Friday, July 5, 2019


The Microsoft product Touchdevelop retired on June22,2019.
What is the best alternative now, for easier touch programming?

Friday, June 21, 2019

International Yoga Day

Yesterday was International Yoga Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to Ranchi to do asanas. Chief Minister Shri Raghuvar Das also participated.
My views on yoga are:
Avoid Sudarshana kriyas. As it is a kriya.
Avoid asanas if you are young.
Do anuloma viloma for pranayama.
Do barbells and dumbbells if young. My # fundamentals are of body and nature. Work out towards # and avoid whey protein supplements.
Do shavasana.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

If it were about mathematical concepts . . .

If it were about mathematical concepts then the following areas are what I want to learn:-
1. Theory of Complex functions.
2. j invariant
3. Eisenstein series.
I have decided.

Saturday, June 8, 2019


Mani Iyer is well known for idlis, sambhar, cuddapah and coconut chutney. The society where he lived relished his idlis.
Uttaman lived in this society and he too liked the idlis Mani Iyer served.
Mani Iyer served idlis(hot),idlis(medium) and idlis(cold). Because of irregularities in arrival of customers from the society.
Mani Iyer served sambhar(hot),cuddapah(medium) and coconut chutney(cold).
Most of the customers preffered Idlis(medium).
Mani Iyer by controlling gas, water for steam and air conditioning wants to serve Idlis(medium). His interests is in differential equations.
Uttaman relished Idlis(hot),Idlis(medium) and Idlis(cold). One of the ways he followed was this. He ate Idlis(hot) with coconut chutney(cold) and Idlis(cold) with sambhar(hot). His interests is in, therefore, partial differential equations.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I wrote years back and I am writing now

Start from where you left that's how

Shuffling the ministers is not just

Vacancy in finance With Amit Shah adjust

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Way to Go

To hold pencil high up and draw arcs suitably as per face. Afterwards hold pencil normally and darken.

To develop actions in cartoons.

To master the book on "Theory of complex functions" by Reinhold Remmert.

To develop crowding your pieces near opposition king area technique.

No plans for now.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Karen Uhlenbeck - The first woman to win Abel Prize (2019)

. . . . . .Most of all, she loved reading, shutting herself away whenever she could to devour advanced science books, staying up late at night and even reading secretly in class. She dreamed of becoming a research scientist, particularly if it meant avoiding too much interaction with other people; not that she was a shy child, but rather because she enjoyed the peace and solitude of her own company. The last thing she wanted to do was to follow in her mother’s footsteps and end up teaching – an attitude that would change dramatically later in life.
Uhlenbeck’s love affair with mathematics developed only after she had started at university. . . . . . .

Sunday, May 12, 2019

There is a difference

Is not getting rid of laziness and up and working the same ?
No they are not the same.
Up and working is about inspiration. About springing into action. About spontaneity. It is based on two difficult to quantify terms like conscience and quality.
Getting rid of laziness is about methods. It is about motivation. It is about duty, perhaps. It is based on a difficult to quantify term like will power.
Up and working is like working in an MNC.
Getting rid of laziness is like pulling a rickshaw.
Up and working may be equated to static friction. So to say.
Getting rid of laziness is about dynamic friction.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Coach Expected (Not guru)

C S Seshadri FRS is an eminent Indian mathematician. He is the founder and director - emeritus of the Chennai Mathematical Institute and is known for his work in algebraic geometry. He is known for Seshadri constant, Narasimhan Seshadri theorem and more.
C S Seshadri is likely to be a great coach (not guru) for mathematical endeavours.
If I get a chance to work in computer mathematics software group at Chennai Mathematical Institute, I can then concentrate on mathematics. I shall then join art classes too in Chennai and improve skills in art.
Presently, I have desire to learn violin. Carnatic music. The desire arose because I realised my left hand is strong because it is my masturbating hand. Since left hand is strong, I thought why not utilise it for learning violin.
Then, if these do not satiate my desires, I can always join a chess club in Chennai.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Chess as I play

With this sort of starting I usually beat AI Factory's Chess Free app at Level 5.
With this sort of opening I usually extend Level 5 of above a lot. But finally get defeated.
1. Bishop visualisation is very poor.
2. Pawn visualisation is very poor.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

MMM - Maximum Mathematics Materials

The following are the mathematical materials that I have desire to master.

About Steel Industry in India

Tata Steel is number one.
Jindal Steel is number two.
SAIL is number three.
The key objective of a state CM like Mr. Naveen Patnaik would be to groom the SAIL unit RSP to satisfy state priorities like employment, lifestyle, know-how or skills of Oriyas. Similarly such is the wish of Tamil Nadu CM Mr. Palanisamy for Salem Steel Plant.
SAIL board must be a big irritant to these big guys as possibly SAIL board cannot satisfy all the needs of individual CMs.
Now coal, minerals etc. are best imported collectively by SAIL, Jindal and Tata.
It is best that individual CMs communicate with Tata and Jindals for their state steel plants for crucial resources.
SAIL board is responsible for keeping cordiality with these CMs and also liasoning with Steel ministry. The SAIL board is expected to arrange finances for running cost. Capital cost is likely to be influenced more by individual state governments.
On a personal front I feel I have Level 5 leadership qualities and want a streamlined organisation.
I used to read Economic Times regularly.
I used to blog on global steel scene.
I am interested in mathematical constants.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Books downloaded from internet

I have bought books for kindle reader. These I had already posted in my blogs. If you have missed them: here is the link
Then I have painstakingly downloaded books which were free from internet into my mobile. Here are the snapshots.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Three good things of Indian society

The three good things of Indian society are:-
1. Zebra line crossers - Bronze level. Indians are law abiders and have good sense of sharing and accomodating. Even if some people are not a police officer usually is able to instill fear and make a person follow rules.
2. Luxury sacrifice - Silver level. Indians can take up hardships and usually stay away from luxurious indulgences.
3. Family values - Gold level. Indians love a family life. Parents love their children and usually this love is the motive of most of the actions of an Indian.
I request comments from fellow bloggers.

Three ills of Indian society

The three ills of Indian society are:
1. Cheats - Bronze level. A honest man requires loan for entrepreneurship. Let's say. But there are 100s who scheme to get loans on dubious grounds. Then it becomes impossible for the genuine guy.
2. Dirt - Silver level. There are people who are unclean and defacate in open. And may eat forbidden things. They cause shame to others.
3. Papers - Gold level. Co-ordination and co-operation are more important than a written piece of paper. But many people in government and PSUs work hard with pen and paper and play politics or create rules. Or discourage young. Or expect to memorize. Or be aware of silly rules.
I request fellow bloggers to comment and share views.
Now when I have written about ills; I must also offer solution.
My solution is "Make your best move".

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Improving Focus of your Life

In my blogs, I have written about all aspects of a personality and improvement steps that can be taken.
I have written on Measuring Behaviour to understand people.
I have written on Becoming Extroverted and improving verbal communication.
I have written on Up and Working to get rid of latency of not getting up to do work.
I have written on Zero Laziness too.
In all these I have used intuitions and pseudo-mathematics to be sure that my ideas and their implementation happen.
Only one aspect of personality has been left out. In my opinion. And that is improving focus. Improving focus gets you success. In today's world there is no point in being blunt. You have to be sharp and focussed. With this aspect of Focus Improvement, I believe my idea of a complete personality is over.
Take the help of the worksheet attached. Fill up, add, change the fields in them. Just be working with it. I am sure it will improve focus. There is one more reason why focus should improve by working on this sheet. Because it has one row on top(past) and two rows on bottom(future). And this shape is similar to mathematical constant pi.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A brilliant man

Wing Commander Abhinandan must be brilliant and brave. For he is in Indian Air Force.
The society should take definite steps to seek his release. We need to make moves and take actions rather than just empathising.
Terror has no meaning in democracy. Pakistan must understand. However India respects Islam and Islamic leaders. Hope some consensus to this effect takes place between India and Pakistan.
Qurbani(sacrifice) is my favourite word and how I wish everyone does Qurbani and get Islamic patronage. Especially the haves( rich and famous).
Let us pray and hope that better sense prevails. In India. In Pakistan.

Friday, February 15, 2019

If my gamma expression is correct . . .

If my gamma expression is correct . . . .  I am in the heaven. That is the amount of liking I have for gamma or the Euler-Mascheroni constant. There is only 30% chance that my expression is correct. Reason being for 8 terms with 14 subterms Euler formula reaches 0.54171. My expression reaches 0.57330. The exact value of gamma or Euler-Mascheroni constant is 0.57721(till 5 places).

If it is correct then, my contributions in mathematics include :
1. Measuring Behaviour
2. Becoming extroverted
3. Pi formula from Measuring Behaviour.
4. Pi generation formula using Measuring Behaviour and Becoming Extroverted (with Chudnovsky Brothers' algorithm help).
5. e formula based on fingers of hand
6. Pentagon drawing. Original method.
7. Reimann function type of series.
8. Past, present and future equations.
9. Taylor type series for 1.
10. Continued fraction for 1.
11. Trisecting an angle. Original method.
12. 1,3,6,10,15, . . .  series and its significance.
13. Approximate formula using number and square roots.
14. Approximate formula using squares of numbers.
15. Heegner number significance demonstration. Original method.
16. Euler line demonstration. Original method.
17. Important expressions for square roots of numbers.
18. The Golden ratio formula.
19. Euler-Mascheroni constant. If true, that is. 30% possibility.
20. Many pi formulas inspired from Madhava of Sangamagrama.
21. Attempt to explain Ramanujan Tau functions.
22. Attempt to explain Ramanujan Theta functions.

I am deep in mathematical thoughts and ways. (Story (by Saki ??)of an old man who calls table a chair and a chair a curtain type). Help me !! SOS !!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Quite approximate number theory

The approximation number theory of mine is quite appropriate for practical uses. 
Also the 1,3,6,10,15. . . theory is fully correct.
I tried to submit it as a paper but there was a point from Ramanujan journal that I need references. Frankly, I do not know mathematics professors and my writing was not professional.
What to do?

Monday, February 4, 2019

Progress in chess

My rating has climbed to 2000. I am making much better moves. Thanks a lot for this, Chess King Learn app. You guys know a lot on chess. Also you know how to teach. And of course the quality of app is great. You have one grateful student in me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

News from my side

D Gukesh becomes the second youngest chess grandmaster at the age of 12 years and 7 months. We have Pragnanandha, Nihal Sarin and Gukesh who are in teens and are big names in chess in India.
Sir Michael Atiyah a very senior mathematician has died. He is an Abel prize winner and was a professor in Cambridge University.
Elias Stein another mathematician has passed away. He was an American and was an expert in harmonic analysis.
I am planning to join Jharkhand Chess Association. The institute is a little far away from where I live. That is one hindrance.
My rating in chess has climbed back to 1906. I have applied myself and have learnt to make right moves.