Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Sun rises . . . . and sets, eveyday

The Sun rises . . . . and sets, everyday. It is about another aspect of my life. It is quite fearful. The Sun rises . . . . and sets, everyday is about mathematical constants.
Why did I write about Sun? Because of repetitions and being infinite. Similar to mathematical constants.
There is so much of fight over God. Many imagine God to be sitting above clouds and deciding on heaven and hell. Having faith in God, presumably gives direction to men and keeps them away from doing bad things.
To me repetitions and infinity are much more closer than God. Why don't people repeat things steadfastly with strength like Sun and do things? I wonder !!
I feel repetitions and strength and motivation inspired from Sun should be considered God. It will give courage, hope, sincerity. It will improve India. It will develop personality.
I have come to a dead end with respect to constants. I do not know how to go further. In India there are courses and procedures for admission to courses.
I wish I had somebody like Prof. Hardy who guided Ramanujan and offered him scholarship to study in Cambridge. Wow !! How kind of Prof. Hardy !!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Shades and Lines

Shades and Lines. It is about one aspect of my life. It is quite dear to me. Shades and lines is about drawing notebook and pencils.
It can be a bread earner. It is a hobby. It can amplify what you want to communicate by many times. It gives peace and sense of fulfillment.
But today the technology has changed. Software rules high in shades and lines. I am all for technology.Times have changed and technology has arrived. I am also in favor of twisting photographs and making caricatures. The effect can be mind blowing. But I need training in Adobe illustrator and other important software to be able to do something.
But one thing in favor of pencil shades and lines is that it has a distinct flavor. I guess my flavor is close to that of Madan. And a little R K Laxman. Anyway, others need to say.
There is a market for flavor. There is still a market for pencils. But one needs to be aligned with editorial team's thought process, too. This is very important.
Nowadays, I miss seeing cartoons. Satish Acharya cartoons, I see more frequently than others. I miss Ajit Ninan Mathew.
I use Google Images to catch up with cartoons.
Have a nice day !!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Animated cartoon

I have made a animated picture from my cartoon.
I was inspired by one of the fellow bloggers. And thought, let me try.