Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rooftop View

I took this photograph from the roof top of our apartments. First of all the abbreviations. F - Flight; DC - Dussehra Celebrations; ML - Metro Line.
This photograph was taken on the evening of Dussehra. On this day the effigies of Ravana,, Kumbhakarna and Meghnad are burnt. You may also see the temporary giant wheel setup as part of Dussehra eve.
Hope you like it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Soleus Activity Tracker

Soleus Activity Tracker is a very useful device. The band has to be worn on the hand all the time except when charging which is once in 5 days.

Initially you need to feed the details about you. Your name, sex, weight, age, height. You must also set the right time and date.

After this you need to press buttons suitably 4 times only. First, exercising Start. Second, exercising End. Third, Sleep Start. Fourth Sleep End. I have not used the Alarm facility in the band till now. However I always keep it paired with my Android Phone and hence I come to know when a call or message arrives.

The Soleus App in my phone can be paired with Soleus Health Band any time. Pairing requires pressing of buttons in Health Band. And also in the Soleus App in phone.

You can see the data generated today. The state is as at 2 pm approximately. I did exercising today. Weights for about 30 minutes and cardio for about 30 minutes. I had walked 6686 steps totalling 5.71 km. I had spent 1797 calories till 2 pm. (These data includes exercising data). I had slept OK. For about 5 hours. 3 hours were deep sleep. 2 hours was light. I woke at 3 am.

I have to improve my sleep style. I normally sleep at 9 pm and wake up early. This I need to change. Also this device is made for aerobic (cardio) activities. The 66 % calorie targets achieved is based on my height and weight, I think.

Go ahead and buy this health band. It is very useful. But make sure you have an Android Phone before that.