Friday, April 5, 2013


The other day I bought the book "Principle Centered Leadership" by Stephen Covey.
Leadership is a much needed virtue. Every organisation must inculcate leadership in their employees. Every organisation can inculcate leadership in their employees. Can because India is a democratic country. And democracy is about leadership.
Who is a leader? A leader is 1 in 1000. This definition is correct considering the population in the country.  What makes 1 among 1000? It could be 1 correct answer to 1000 questions.
Unlike popular perception, a Level 5 leader can be shy. Not necessarily the outspoken, extroverted guy the next door. Anna Hazare is a great leader. Definitely a Level 5 one.
A leader needs nerves of steel. In my work area, he should be able to inspire people to work. Work of both types, hard work and smart work. I tell the core issue for inspiring people to do hard work. The center of the problem. The most important issue. And for work which needs smartness,  I say the maximum and the minimum expected. What will happen if you apply for a loan? You may get more than you applied for. Or you will be thrown out.
But of course leaders are not the only one important. The followers may be equally important.  Especially in soft skills areas. Otherwise there may be a noisy scene. And headaches. You may have to take 3 saridons. 2 points. Bhawna Somaiyya ratings !!