Thursday, July 30, 2015

Improving Running

Improving running is a difficult thing. A 30 minute run at 6 kmph speed can hardly be called a running. It is jogging. A double digit speed for 1 hour is what I am looking out for. This is needed by September. And that too in a consistent manner. Because during November will be the marathon contests.
First things first. Do I have a motivation for running? No, I don't. Many times I just stop and do not run again.  So at best I am able to run at a speed where my thoughts are not affected. I need to make running exciting.
Secondly, I feel if I run for getting more and more breath for more and more time, I can run faster. But in all of my jogging history, breathing was the stable point.  To make this unstable and dynamic will be difficult. Something that I need to improve. I like being dynamic in breathing but only for a minute or two. Then I get back to my slower speed.
Thirdly, body weight. If my body tries to maintain momentum then there will be a good increase in speed if I reduce weight. If it is energy then speed will not increase much. But my body tries to be in equilibrium. Now, equilibrium is about forces. Neither momentum nor energy but forces in opposition. This gives me a feeling that if I accelerate for a period of time and decelerate later if needed then this acceleration and deceleration technique will be synchronous with my body feeling.
So, from next time onwards I will somehow with difficulty try to accelerate and then enjoy my deceleration that will happen; doing these two one after the other.
By the way, this technique will also make my thinking better. Because I will be thinking about acceleration and the beautiful deceleration that will accompany; the whole time while running.
I will comment later on this technique and write whether it was helpful or not.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Moto X now has 4G

I had a 3G airtel connection in my MotoX mobile.
On Friday, I came to know about 4G in Delhi. On Saturday, I got the 3G SIM replaced with a 4G SIM free of charge while retaining the same number.
Is there any difference between 3G and 4G?
Yes. 4G is definitely very fast in Internet and downloading.  About 8 to 10 times faster. However it is subject to getting internet connection. This is as good as or as bad as 3G.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Inducing discipline in exercising by thoughts

I tend to drive myself into exercising by thinking. Although I have a desire for exercises but still I tend to loose my motivation on some occasions. A 45 minute target is reduced to 30 minutes. Or a weight session is skipped. Or a foam rolling is missed. I simply do not have it in me to go for the finish. I start off with motivation, but then I loose the objective. I simply allow myself to be overcome by my actual body state or perceived body state. I am not sure whether it is an actual body state or perceived body state.
However I am planning to get over this by slow and steady improvement. Probably very slow.
How do I control my food eating craving? I think about Sun, moon, rains and other circular happenings. I say to myself that most of the things are circular and so should my eating habits also be. This thought is working well. You may borrow this idea if you like it.
How to improve weight exercising? I am finding it difficult here. Probably I need Fish oil supplements to make my bones and joints healthy. The dumbbells weights are already less at 22 pounds (10 kg). I think a massage from a masseur is what is needed. But I do self massaging with a balm. And foam rolling.
I am a hard worker and lead an active life. I naturally walk about 9-10 kilometers in a day. But what do I think is sports improvement? Apart from physical thing.
"Sports improvement is the consistent balance maintained between different individual parts and systems under varying circumstances". Also there is a saying that "The chain breaks at the weakest point." Most of the excuses will arise due to the weakest point while in a sports activity. Maybe breath loss, maybe pain, maybe just give up. At that instant one must do something which makes the weakness stronger. Maybe breathe faster and more with mouth and nose. Or maybe reduce speed. Or maybe give up unpleasant thoughts and think about sunset or rains or something.
These are the things that I think about exercising. I am happy that I am consistent for the last two years.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Unproved bodybuilding theory

"Visible fat can only be get rid of by voluntary muscular action" - A challenge statement by Ganesan Kirtivasan, body builder.
This theory is not proved. But then some theories like Fermat's theorem takes years to be proved.  By the way, Fermat's theorem can be proved by mathematical induction. Then I wonder why this proof is not enough? Maybe some brainy blogger would like to enlighten me on this.
Another thing is, in sports it was found that a team which sat for two days analyzing and thinking about improvement performed much better than a team which practiced for two days.
This is important to coaches. Only if the athlete is able to point out his weaknesses properly should be allowed to practice further.
Nowadays it is 45 minutes of slow jogging in a comfortable breathing mode that is being done.