Sunday, August 23, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 7

Tukun Mitra was a World Bank executive. Tutun Roy was Delhi state finance secretary. Mukul Dey was president of Tilak Nagar Residents Welfare association. And Murugan was a resident of Tilak Nagar. All the four were close friends during childhood. Murugan invents astonishingly accurate finance theory.
Murugan was poisoned next day. Who killed him?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 6

Paani Paani was a great humorist. He was good in mimicry too. He could easily mimic American teacher Stephen and an English teacher Firdo. Bomb Cheda was his rival humorist. He couldn't do mimicry though.
One day Paani Paani was poisoned after a show. Who killed him ?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 5

Sagar "Safe Corner" was on a lookout for competition. He was the best in music. His forte was the antara. Music directors may be good in sthahi. Music directors may be good in arrangement. Music directors may be good in coordination. Or any other. But he was a killer when it comes to antara composition. His confidence was higher than SRK of "Fauji". This is what his friends Nepa, Banga, Sri and Bhuta would say. Not he.
The other music directors contacted "Halwai" Jigar to get rid of Sagar "Safe Corner". "Halwai" Jigar then put him in a corner for money purposes alone in a room. Fearing competition. Sagar "Safe Corner" rang up Bhuta and told his problems about atrocities of "Halwai" Jigar in cornering him.
Next day Sagar "Safe Corner" was found poisoned. Who killed him ?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Making "Scornproof" Exercise chart

First things first. Is there a workout plan? Yes.
Is it complementary with your body understanding? Yes.
What is it?
Day1. Chest and legs.
Day2.Abs and backs.
Day3. Chest and legs.
Are you able to follow it strictly? No.
And this is exactly what I want to find out.
I solved the food issue more or less by following circular and regular eating habits.
Let us say circular thing works for me. Am I regular in exercising like a circle? Yes. I everyday go for a workout.
Then, what is the problem?
The problem is I just don't do exercise. Maybe one set of a uninspired lifts which confuses me and makes me think will it not harm me than help me?
OK. Then motivation is the issue.
As far as I can see, motivation is about success. If successful  then you are motivated. You want more of the same and exercising will become easy.
Using reverse logic, body motivation can be improved if body has rested enough.
So get melatonin supplement if your body does not get enough rest.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 4

Tohaar Mama was lying dead in the railway tracks of the Gopalganj railway station.  Tohaar Mama was the dreaded name in the world of smuggling, heroin and organized crimes. He had many enemies ranging from businessmen to politicians. He was run over by a train at 11:30 pm. He was presumably pushed from the over-bridge above the tracks. The police were examining the body of Tohaar Mama. They found a letter in his pocket in which the writer "Threatened to push Tohaar Mama from Gopalganj railway station overbridge if he dares to come there at 11 pm. Otherwise he will be considered the greatest coward."
The police made enquiries from urchins, beggars, porters and railway stall men for something unusual the fateful night. They all said that nothing was unusual the fateful night and in fact the dogs too were silent that night.
Who killed Tohaar Mama?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 3

Tapan worked for a military medicine whorehouse run by Jose Cariah.Tapan was known for his faithfulness.
He had a happy wife and two sons.
Then there was a severe crisis in the military medicine whorehouse. Tapan was scared. He asked Jose to shift the statue of founder elsewhere. Military became very angry.
Tapan discussed the problem with his family.
Next day Tapan was poisoned. Who killed him?

Who kiiled him ?Story 2

Kamal was a self made man. He had clean records of performance to boast of. He had a great family too. He was a star in some people's eyes.
Radha was a dedicated girl. An object made with dedication is important than a successful object, she would say.
Swastika was a determined girl. Anything can be achieved if one is determined, she would say.
Eesha was a dignified girl. You do not need a big position to be big, she would say.
Radha, Swastika and Eesha were jealous to the extreme of Kamal`s position.
One day Kamal died due to poisoning. Who killed him?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 1

Yakub was a brilliant employee. He got into the limelight because of his genius. Many bosses wanted Yakub to be in their team. Bhargav, vice chief of Manufacturing. Vikram, vice chief of Publicity. And Wasim, vice chief of Sales. Bhargav, Vikram and Wasim were bitter rivals. They knew the importance of Yakub. Wasim managed to get huge orders from a trusted and old customer. Vikram changed his advertisement agency and was successful. Bhargav got a new partner for expansion. Meanwhile Yakub was found dead due to poisoning. Who killed Yakub?