Monday, January 27, 2014

National Padma Awards

On Republic Day eve, the Padma awards were given. This write-up is my knowledge on some of the Padma Awardees:-

1) Dr.Mashelkar - I have read about his projects in Wikipedia. He was also in CSIR. Frankly, I have great respect for Maharashtrian thought. I learnt a lot from Yashwant Kanetkar tutorials in CD. If I make a statement that wet grinding machine reduced poverty in India by 15%, I am sure Maharashtrians will appreciate it.
2) B K S Iyengar - The renowned yoga guru is greatly respected by me for his caste and of course for his asanas. The problem today is the stress and fast life and unfortunately yoga develops health slowly.
3) Gulam Mohammed Shaikh - I do not know the painter. But I have admiration for M F Hussain. Art is tough and expressing it in canvass and then getting admiration and laurels is tougher. The toughest part is being brave.
4) Kamalahaasan - He is a great showman and is deeply admired for his knowledge and abilities.
5) Leander Paes - Leander is a great fighter and can get it right when it matters most.
6) Paresh Rawal - One of the most talented actors of all-time and a brand by himself.
7) Vidya Balan - Tremendous actress who has made many men mad. Great looks and excellent presence make her one of the topmost heroines of bollywood.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tablet Games

I enjoy playing games in tablet. It relieves mental tension.
Games are like real life. If the man starts running in Temple Run, then he does not stop. Much like real Indian life. A normal Indian in Delhi does not apply brakes in road. He expects others to apply brakes while he feels he needs to keep going. Life is too short to win points. Respect others. Apply brakes for others. Allow the cat or dog to cross the road.
As far as I am concerned the only strategy for Temple Run game I can manage to think is collect gold wisely. Not necessary to collect all the coins. 2 coins from a line of 10 is good enough.
Flights are great. I like flight simulator very much. I have downloaded 3 free games in my tab. Flight Simulator extreme is fantastic for beginners. One needs patience here. This game is by Thetis Software. There is another Flight Simulator game by Unity. I have managed to collect 25 out of 30 medals in 2 Levels and have unlocked Level 3. I consider this as a great achievement.
I am good in playing Pipes game in my Windows phone. I am confident that I can be a world ranker in this particular game. I loose time due to my touch accuracy. Otherwise I am blazing fast in finishing.
Dhoom 3 is good. I have to improve my strategy to reach beyond 42,000 score.