Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A 9 kmph base speed runner !!

Nowadays it is more or less above 9 kmph running in the mornings. I do this running (not jogging, mind it !!) after I do dumbbells workout.
I do the following dumbbells exercises :-
Biceps curls, Shoulder Lifts, Triceps Back Lifts, Deadlifts, Bench press ; all these for 6 sets of 17, 13, 11, 7, 5, 3 reps. I also do squats with weights for 7, 5, 3 reps.
Protein drinks are happening, but many days I forget drinking them. I am continuing with utmost discipline in my regular food intake. Peanut slices for breakfast, chappati with vegetables for lunch and rice with vegetables at night. I do not take anything else in between.
My tummy is of a healthy Delhi guy of 45 years level. Flat and strong tummy muscles with a flab of 2 inches at the most.
I am mostly active and undergo calorie deficit. Also I am getting used to this. But that is how our body is. If you work you need rest. You may want to reduce fat, but then your metabolism may become low.  It is a battle of pros and cons and ultimately your interest in exercising matters.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Dream IT Projects

I am an engineer working in IT. I am closely following the trends and growth in IT. The recent good idea I liked was tourist places based social sites. Another idea I read today in Economic Times is about the work done by Zoho. They are into building customer relationship. Probably they try to give a meaning of social sites to the system in an enterprise.
I have a few ideas on possible IT trends in future:-
1) Read object - This object should be highly polymorphed and should be able to read all languages, all types of files, namely video, audio etc. Also it should have AI and understand comma separated files.
2) More Peer to Peer - Though internet has promoted equality in the world and peer to peer technology, the range is restricted. Facebook promotes equality. But then there is a question of fairness too. The Measuring Behavior (http://measuringbehaviour-ravi.blogspot.com) can be an added dimension to the meaning of Internet.
3) Responsible Queues - Social sites can also help in queue management. E-governance will become easier with this. A person from one social group can recommend an advancement in queue to another person in another social group. Provided, no one in the beneficiary group has a clash of interest in the purpose for which the queue exists.
4) Equal Piracy Share - Today the audio and video industry is plagued by piracy. The entertainment industry works hard to keep the masses entertained. Digital technology can help a lot in controlling piracy. The artists and their fans should be and can be made to feel satisfied and entertained.
These are some of the areas where we must look forward to in IT world.