Friday, August 14, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 5

Sagar "Safe Corner" was on a lookout for competition. He was the best in music. His forte was the antara. Music directors may be good in sthahi. Music directors may be good in arrangement. Music directors may be good in coordination. Or any other. But he was a killer when it comes to antara composition. His confidence was higher than SRK of "Fauji". This is what his friends Nepa, Banga, Sri and Bhuta would say. Not he.
The other music directors contacted "Halwai" Jigar to get rid of Sagar "Safe Corner". "Halwai" Jigar then put him in a corner for money purposes alone in a room. Fearing competition. Sagar "Safe Corner" rang up Bhuta and told his problems about atrocities of "Halwai" Jigar in cornering him.
Next day Sagar "Safe Corner" was found poisoned. Who killed him ?

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  1. Bhuta killed Sagar "Safe Corner".
    Bhuta realized that Sagar "Safe Corner" is being humiliated by powerful "Halwai" Jigar. Sagar "Safe Corner" had nothing but music in him. And this is getting humiliated. Body is not of much use and so Bhuta killed him.