Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lokpal bill passed

Lokpal bill has been passed by Lok Sabha yesterday. It is a bill which is consistent with times. It is a bill which was fought for, valiantly by Anna Hazare.
Why is this bill important? Under UN Convention, whistleblower policy is a welcome policy. India also needs to follow UN convention and therefore important. In India Lokpal Bill is an extension of this UN guideline. Anna Hazare, the great leader of modern times, the digital times has advocated for it.
Is justice going to be easy? No. Political parties have a strong clout. They consider themselves superior to common man and therefore unless a common man truly deserve justice under Lokpal, political parties will oppose.
Can there be improvement to Lokpal Bill? It will be difficult. All the people have to make Lokpal effective and should cause fear in government. Only then. It may be noted here that Anna Hazare will be observing the effectiveness of Lokpal in various states.
Most of my blogging time has been devoted to following Lokpal issue. It makes me happy that Lokpal issue has become a law.

Monday, December 9, 2013

More Digital

Everything at once is very apt. Because though widgets are there in Android, only Windows has Live Tiles (app + widget). Live Tiles makes possible "Everything At Once" more.
I have downloaded Visual Studio for Desktop. This particular software developer tool does not have tools for building Metro Apps. Metro Apps, by the way are quite complex. A lot of things have to be correct to make a successful Metro App. Metro App can be compared to COM objects, if I may say so. The Visual Studio for Desktop, however can develop Desktop application. A developed program tile in Start Screen of Windows 8, will be run in the desktop. Another thing that can be developed is Windows presentation application. I really do not understand much about it. Maybe someone can write about what is a windows presentation application all about.
I bought Google Nexus 7 tab from Flipkart. It was available at 43% discount. I read that it is fantastic for gaming. And it sure is.
Android KitKat is fantastic. It is simple. Not much complications to a common user.
Using Nexus 7 and flight simulator app, I managed to take off and land a flight successfully. I have got a grip on flights in tablets. I am also improving my biking skills in Dhoom 3 app.