Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 4

Tohaar Mama was lying dead in the railway tracks of the Gopalganj railway station.  Tohaar Mama was the dreaded name in the world of smuggling, heroin and organized crimes. He had many enemies ranging from businessmen to politicians. He was run over by a train at 11:30 pm. He was presumably pushed from the over-bridge above the tracks. The police were examining the body of Tohaar Mama. They found a letter in his pocket in which the writer "Threatened to push Tohaar Mama from Gopalganj railway station overbridge if he dares to come there at 11 pm. Otherwise he will be considered the greatest coward."
The police made enquiries from urchins, beggars, porters and railway stall men for something unusual the fateful night. They all said that nothing was unusual the fateful night and in fact the dogs too were silent that night.
Who killed Tohaar Mama?

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  1. Tohaar Mama committed suicide.
    Because the dog did not bark implies absence of commotion. Hence absence of any other man is ruled out.