Monday, February 2, 2015

Bodybuilding continues

This phase of bodybuilding is different.
I was a little irregular. Now I am better. But I am not very excited with cardio workouts. The weights sessions seem good.
It is a bit different here in Delhi when compared to US. One cannot expect to get a favourite equipment at a convenient time. You may have to wait or forego or make choices. Also you must memorize that 1 mile is 1.6 km and 1 kg is 2.2 pounds. I enter gymnasium with an open mind and take one day at a time. But I am not complaining. As a prize to assuage hurt feelings, I recommend the use of health band to the gym goers. The calories and distance run can be noted down automatically. You may buy a Samsung band if you have a Samsung mobile with upgraded Android. But still confirm from the mobile store before buying the Samsung band.
I plan to include heavy dumbbells at gym. Currently I do only machines. Barbells are a bit difficult as I need a trainer always with me. But dumbbells should be fine I think.
Overall my physique has improved. While the protein in my body has increased the fat has got reduced by the same level. Hence my body weight is just 5 pounds less.
The gymnasium activities are still a looking forward to event. I am excited every day in the morning when I wake up.


  1. I am following the "Decreasing Primes Workout".
    My theory is, you may lift a table and take it to the 5th floor the first time. Suppose you have to do second time; you "naturally" will be able to lift the table and take it to 3rd floor only.
    Take another example. You may be able to fill a large cement tub with water drawn from a well up to 11 times in the first round. If asked to do the second round; you "naturally" will be able to fill only 7 buckets drawn from the well.

  2. I did weights workout in Prone leg curls machine using "Decreasing Primes Workout", today.
    I did a 110 pounds workout for 11, 7 and 5 reps in the Prone Leg curls machine
    For the last 3, I did a 130 pounds.
    This workout technique has fetched me practical results. I have managed to raise level of weight training for my whole body muscles!! If it was 70 pounds capacity a month before. Today I have 77 pounds capacity.

  3. I watched the video of Chris Whited in He won $100K dollars for the best transformation in body.
    I have been pretty honest in my approach at gym. However eating has been an issue. My achievements is not very phenomenal. I have been doing gym for last 10 months.