Friday, June 27, 2014

One work plan, many workers

Hierarchy is tough to understand and explain. It is relatively much easy to explain hierarchy in industries. Because one machine and numerous output. So, logically the person synchronous with working of machine can be considered at a higher hierarchy. The person who carry machine output products to trucks may be considered at a lower hierarchy. Why not one of the persons who carry output be at higher hierarchy? Because, many workers are needed and in a hierarchy tree more numbers are below and only a few are at top.
But it is the responsibility of everyone to see that machine is well lubricated and coolant are put at right time. But should the persons lifting output be concerned ? Yes, it is their concern too. Even though they may get a rest when machine is down, but they should understand that the truck also becomes idle. And the truck chain will get disturbed and food supplies coming in may be affected.

Most of the bureaucratic setups, offices, factories, industries necessarily need to follow hierarchy. i.e. one work plan and many workers. I must also mention here that maximising work can be an objective of this setup. This implies that complete and wholehearted belief in fairness is essential. Refer to for further clarity.
So here are good wishes and hope for complete faithful adherence to above suggested system.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The daily essentials

The other day, I thought  that though I lead a routine life; there are certain things which are essential to help lead a meaningful life. I am not talking about roti, kapada aur makan. I am talking about things like gadgets, television, sketchbook type of items.
I must mention here that I have given most of my books to kabaddiwala. The history books, short stories collection, bollywood music and all. I read somewhere that old books become baggage on life and it is essential to get rid of these to feel free. Also, I no longer enjoy books the way I used to earlier. My mental state at present does not allow to keep pace with the author. I sometimes do re-reading. Complete Works of Conan Doyle can be read anytime. I have kept this book.
Newspapers are essential to me. I had a tendency of making notes from newspaper. I installed brain mapping software Personal Brain 6 to take notes effectively. But this habit too I am not presently interested in. I am presently comfortable with RSS feeds from Google news.
Gadgets are important in my life. I have Nokia 1520 and Nokia 720. Nokia 720 is mainly for artificial intelligence. The SIM got locked in Nokia 720. I have got the SIM unlocked with PUK code. But it works only for calls. Nokia 1520 is my all round Airtel phone. Nokia 720 is calls through MTNL and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can be interesting with questions like "Do you think I think wisely?". But I used it to fetch me an important section "Opening Bell" of Mint newspaper. But it did not work effectively for "Current price of potato in Delhi".
Television is good to watch movies like "Men in Black", "Mission Impossible", "Jab We Met" etc. again and again.They are great for NDTV news too.
Commenting too much on Bollywood Music has made the composer in me die. I have also stopped playing dafli. Only rarely do I play. The imagined fear of Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Lata Mangeshkar and Pyarelal is preventing me to experiment too much.
FM radio is great when travelling. Install Shazam app in your device to know the name of the song you hear. Many times you may like the song, but do not know the name. Shazam is useful here. A 5 minute sample listening by Shazam at any stage of the song is usually enough to tell the song name accurately.
What are your essentials?