Sunday, November 24, 2013

Made As Japan

India has hinduism and budhhism. Many say though both are similar, their perceptions are different.
1)Boss is father like. Hinduism wants boss(father) as strict. Budhhism wants openness.
2)A Job is for lifelong. Hinduism treats job as bondage. Budhhism treats job as contribution.
3)Suggestions. Hinduism wants implemented suggestions. Budhhism studies feasibility and acceptability of suggestions.
4)Small improvements. Hinduism wants small spiritual improvement. Budhhism wants small lifestyle improvements.
5)Just in time. Hinduism follow no time. Budhhism wants everyone to follow their time.
6)Food.Iyers are preached to beg for food. Budhhists beg for food.
7)Beverages. Hindus drink beverages at hot temperature. Budhhists like drinking warm.