Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bodybuilding saga

Everyday I hit the gym in the mornings. It is a pleasant looking forward to event.
Relaxing and massaging are important in bodybuilding. I discovered the importance of relaxing and massaging during my jogging period. A 10 minute massage of muscles will do no harm. It relaxes the muscles and they are ready for the next day.
Routine is important. Patience is the key here. I think it takes time for muscles to become strong and big.
Power is another important thing in your exercise activities. One must be able to generate more than 200 W of power for a considerably long period of time in cardio sessions.
Form and intensity are important in weights. One must be able to judge oneself pretty well.One must be able to do right number of repetitions in first set itself and ensure that three sets are done. Doing 15 repetitions in first set and 7 in second and 1 in third is no good. Better will be 8, 8, 8 in first, second and third repetitions.
I have not got good form in many weight machines. I am slowly building up form. Once the form improves, I shall do more intensely.
I have lost more than 2 kgs of fat. And the muscles have become big. I feel good because I am beginning to look good.