Saturday, August 8, 2015

Who killed him ? Story 1

Yakub was a brilliant employee. He got into the limelight because of his genius. Many bosses wanted Yakub to be in their team. Bhargav, vice chief of Manufacturing. Vikram, vice chief of Publicity. And Wasim, vice chief of Sales. Bhargav, Vikram and Wasim were bitter rivals. They knew the importance of Yakub. Wasim managed to get huge orders from a trusted and old customer. Vikram changed his advertisement agency and was successful. Bhargav got a new partner for expansion. Meanwhile Yakub was found dead due to poisoning. Who killed Yakub?

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  1. Wasim killed Yakub.
    The enmity between three were bitter. Wasim probably suspected Yakub, who was a genius of helping out Vikram and Bhargav in getting new assignments and that too successful.