Monday, November 20, 2017

#PythaShastri solves Basel problem

I will write on some mathematics ideas. Basel Problem. I have found out solution angles to it.
I shall write about it.
The Basel problem was; what is
1+1/2²+1/3²+1/4²+ . . . . .  equal to.
1/2² is 1²/2² , 1²/3² and so on. These are nothing but angles in a semicircle. Have you understood this point. i.e tan²theta.
So, therefore, pi squared term is really there. Because pi is circumference by diameter. Circle is a truth.
Now, I wrote about doubling and 1/4th stuff earlier.
Doubling meaning alternate terms and 1/4th of this term should be interesting. Is it not? Won't such a result be interesting?
I do not fully understand how to go about it.
I feel 1 has to be included. And alternate terms have to one-fourthed and not negated.
So what is
1+1/2²+1/4*3²+1/4²+1/4*5²+ . . . . . .  equalt to or approaches.
It approaches 1.275, for sure. What is special about 1.275?
Well, 1.275 multiplied by √6 is 3.14 (possibly pi).
Which means pi by √6 is the above equation. This equation when squared(yes !!) is the Basel problem equation.
This means,
1+1/2²+1/3²+1/4²+ . . . . .  equal to pi squared by 6.

Friday, November 10, 2017

About Mock Theta

90 degrees or pi by 2 is mock theta as well. A big statement from a small man.
When I got to get an opportunity to work in Quality, I thought in the art versus science angle. I saw the name of a country in the ISO standards book and I got into motivated drive. Switzerland it was. I thought about spin and complex numbers and attacked the subject.
I was also upset with the Personnel system of SAIL and its attack on the weaker sex. Men!!
I thought about quality and about gender issues in SAIL.
I thought of conscience and to me conscience and quality had a relationship.
What it was? I pondered and their product seemed to be like power factor thing.
Then it made sense. Conscience and Quality are perpendicular to each other.
And a man and woman relationship too is. Then I began to look at SAIL personnel system and concluded that personnel and administration should be separated for betterment of SAIL.
And mock theta is here . . .

Magic Squares

The above is the childhood game taught by my cousin in my village. She explained the significance of the squares. Whether you read the letters horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom it will read the same. "sivaji vayile jilebi"; which means "in the mouth of sivaji there is a sweet meat". This is Tamil.

Then there is another simple one. "siva vasi"which means "play an instrument siva".
I have realised that names in Tamil are good for these squares. "Selvarasa","Muruga","Saravana","Ramanuja","Rangaraja" or "Mahadeva".Most of the names have a n or j in the end but possibly these are influences of religion in Tamil Nadu, possibly.  Or maybe any other anthropological reason.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Glycol is neither fat nor glucose. It is in between.
What happens when you exercise vigorously? You use glucose in muscles. Then glycol. Then fat. This is the secret to fat loss. Nothing beyond this.
If you do not have glucose. Muscles will breakdown. The process of fat to glycol and glycol to glucose has to be very efficient.
A glass of warm lemon juice with honey helps just that.
But as obese men we need to convert fat to glycol fast. Shortcut would be enzymes. Discover an enzyme which aids in fat to glycol conversion. Eat that and exercise.
Best option is develop feel for glycol.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

My Road Ahead

1. Better Cauchy Reimann internalising
2. Better Fourier Series internalising
3. Space Laws learning endeavours especially Cycles of Time
4. Ramayana Technical Management Lessons endeavour
5. Mahabharata Scientific Management Lessons endeavour
6. Matrix and Magic Squares technology

Monday, October 9, 2017


Sandhyavandhanam is a set of prayers done by a brahmin ( a caste in India).
I am more modern and do exercises. But as I have time to spare, I have included Sandhyavandanam too in my daily routine.
My daily routine consists of dumbbells exercises and sandhyavandhanam in the mornings. I do not have time to spare in the afternoon and evenings.
I remember the prayers and procedures.