Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fits like hand in glove

Microsoft's evolution of .NET has been magical. Everything seems so good. There was web. There was PC. And now we have .NET.
But Microsoft has made loss this year. First time in 26 years.
Where does Google stand, now? Use their search technology in XML, throw in some artificial intelligence and identify meaning of data. This is what I think Google can do.
It might be a stupid idea, considering XML files might be encrypted. And sort of illegal too. Also they might need clearance from ECMA so that OOPS fundamentals are not violated.
India needs a government policy for a lot of things. Nandan Nilekani's UID program is getting a lot of bad publicity over internet. How internet routing is done? What is our stand on Internet? These are crucial questions that need to be answered urgently than a military economy. Level 5 leaders will ask who rather than what (as Jim Collins has written).
You cannot say a government chaprasi is against Kirtivasan getting an important position in government IT.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

FM Radios

I listen to FM radio when travelling. On Sundays, I would listen to Amin Sayani's Sangeet ke Sitare at 12 noon in Radio City.
Now, Big FM is my default radio station. They play older songs. If an ad or RJ comment is being broadcast, then I switch channels. I then change to Red FM. The only new songs. I change to Radio City, Mirchi too depending on songs, ads, RJ etc.
Newer songs have become more routine like. Punjabi mix, desi pop songs. There seems to be no variety. Older music was about adaptation of Indian classical and folk for cinema. The new trend seem to running out of steam.
Surender Sharma the haasir jawab is a true genius. Absolutely good. He answers questions from audience and is able to give a humorous reply. Almost everytime he manages to make me laugh.
Some of the other comedians are pajama naada types.
Radio will never die. It is a fantastic invention and promotes imagination unlike the TV. After all imagination is the key to variety in life.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just another loadshedding

The northern grid went down. Twice. Seven states were affected.
To me and crores of others, it was just the normal loadshedding. I wonder what the fault in grid meant to the rulers of our country. What is their thought process? Hum ne garibi dekhi hai. Roti ke liye tarse hain hum. Streetlight mein pade hain hum. And now. What? Hum aaj bhi aam vyakti hain. Is this their thought?
Shinde was transferred to another ministry. Not removed. Fear of loosing votes, perhaps.
To me, politicians only job is to promote unity among themselves and among people. The work people will do. It pains when this clear cut guideline is not met.