Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 facts about myself

Yesterday, I got the badge Liebster blog from a fellow blogger Destination Infinity. I am stating 10 facts about myself as a customary requirement.
1. I am driven by my heart. If I do not like something I do not do it. Though may be important.
2. I speak to myself. So, confused whether I talk much or not.
3. I could have been a music director.
4. Money is the most intelligent thing. Why? If a thing can get you any item in this world then it has to be intelligent.
5. I like doing routine work.
6. I work according to formulas and methods.
7. I do exercises about 2 days a week from my teen onwards.
8. I find Stephen Covey to be the most inspiring self-help guru.
9. India is not deprived of anything. Any court of law will say India has resources. But still India is behind. It hurts.
10. SPB is my favourite singer.

These are some of the points. Hey, Destination Infinity, I kept my word within permissible time I promised.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where is the cloud anyway?

The other day it rained in Delhi. We read in Geography that it is due to westerly disturbances. God gives cloud.
That reminded me of cloud computing. Where is the cloud? Believe me the cloud is right there in your hardware. Yes, you own the cloud. That is the brilliance of virtual drives. Mark my words, virtual computing is the future. As a professional executive with experience in virtual drives, I will advise the deepest business thoughts ever in past and in future and now to consider investing in virtual computing business model. If you do not follow this, your loss starts . . . . . now.
Who would not want to have Pyarelal playlist as one of your drives?