Friday, July 1, 2016

My Bangalore-ings

Big nerds in computers and software do not need anything more than what comes with Windows Operating System for its efficient running. They make tweaks and play around with operating system in a pro fashion and keep their machines healthy and working at blazing speed.
I am a software crazy guy and I have never hesitated in spending my money on gadgets and software.
I have been Bangalore-ing (browsing) in internet and I feel that these five software are a must on any PC lover machines. These software must be bought by paying by credit card.

  1. Driver Easy - Many times device drivers in a PC gets obsolete. Result, devices like mouse, keyboard, printers may work erratic or may not work at all. This software will automatically find and install the right software and the latest ones at a click of a button. 
  2. Auslogics Boost Speed - A PC may have junk files, malwares, bad registry entries and performance issues. This software will take care of all these issues and more. An important necessity on every PC. This software is.
  3. 360 Total Security - This is a complete package on security and most of its components are free. It also strengthens the security of your PC by installing patches, apart from getting rid of viruses. Some features of this software are not free. Firewall Glasswire is not free.
  4. Process Lasso - This is a brilliant software from Bitsum. It keeps the processor and memory working efficiently. Result your PC runs smooth and steadily. As Bitsum have a lot of financial commitments like registration, licenses with operating system companies etc., they are not able to provide this software free.
  5. Hitman Pro - Many times we take a second opinion on issues. When it comes to viruses, we do the same. Hitman Pro destroys hidden viruses and trojans which normal anti-virus may not.