Friday, November 6, 2015

It makes sense

I have upgraded my office workstation with Windows 10. I earlier had Windows 8.1. I knew that Windows 10 is similar to Windows 8 in many ways. So I upgraded. Here is the screenshot of my workstation:-
I was comfortable working with Windows 8. So I find working with Windows 10 not so different.
In our office we have vision for systems and hardware. We in the office feel that software should only be synchronous with the systems and hardware. But Windows 10 being for almost a mobile device does not easily fit into our vision at office.
But one needs to be in time with technology and this is the reason why Windows 8 was allotted in the first place. And now it is continuing for Windows 10.
All of the Oracle applications do not work in these machines. And also the earlier Visual Studios. But I persisted with Windows 8 so that our company does not loose touch with the latest the world offers.
I shall soon be upgrading my home laptop to Windows 10 as the security is claimed to be higher.

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