Thursday, April 16, 2015

mySAIL App

I have built an app mySAIL for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.
This App shall have sales, production figures, some important corporate notifications and present steel scenario around the globe.
You may download it from Windows Store if you have a desktop or a laptop or a tablet running on Windows 8.1. If you have a Windows Phone having Windows 8.1, you may download it from the Windows Phone Store.
This blog post is for receiving comments from one and all, the users of this App. Colleagues of SAIL, not having Windows can also comment. But they must have an Internet ID as per Google's Blogspot comment maker requirements.
I am providing the link for comments in my App. Also there is a provision for viewing the comments made in the App.


  1. In Windows 8.1, mySAIL App feedback can be given using the feedback section of the app.
    The Phone App is different and feedback can be given from this blog post and the link is as a menu item.

  2. Every resource whether a picture or video or write up has a owner; this is as per international software norms.
    By default we become Microsoft home group member, I think.
    The minimum internet requirement is Open ID.
    HTML has evolved. And so has router.
    Also social groups are a reality. Individuals share resources with social groups. Trust is of utmost importance.
    But what is a SAIL employee without figures at his disposal all the time?😊👍👌

  3. Both the Windows 8.1 app and Windows Phone App has been completed now to my fullest satisfaction. I will not be changing anything else further.
    It was inefficient and improper to provide an email link from a blog. So I made a system so that mail can be sent from inside Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone.

  4. I have made one more change in the app.
    I have added a section of feeds from This will help us in knowing international steel scene.
    It is available in the Windows Phone Store now. It will take a while before the app is available for Windows 8.1. At the Windows Store.

  5. Every document, image, video or xml ( web page included) has metadata associated with it.
    Metadata helps in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    I believe Bing is working hard in searching resources. They also have artificial intelligence in Bing. One can change region and language and work with her.
    But I am not feeding my app with information from my mobile. I feed from my workstation.
    I work on trust.
    The app for Windows 8.1 is getting delayed. Windows Phone version is ready.

  6. I have added Steelguru feeds in my App now. Also, I have added a Steel Game in the App.
    In Steel Game, one needs to recognize the photos of different shops of an integrated steel plant. Then if one guides the iron ore hill in a right way from one shop to another till steel stockyard, then the message "You have made it" would appear. Otherwise the game will keep "Observing". Once "You have made it", then you need to exit by clicking back arrow.
    Hope you like it.

  7. I have kept the CMO Report images in I have given permission to my friends and family only. Flickr works with Yahoo. And it is a new created account. I have no friends or family members in my group. Depending upon response, friends circle can be made. Then reports images will be visible.

  8. When one uploads a document into a social site it is flagged as public. Public doesn't mean anyone can see it. It is still under the security of my credentials. Public means it is not categorized into a relevant group like family, friends, followers etc.
    If I categorize a picture into a group like family and if I use a link in my website to this picture; then a follower cannot see this picture. Because his email id is that of a follower.
    There was not much meaning in using groups here. Because I did not get a single mail or single message.
    So I kept it public.
    The photograph is secured by strong password. And there has been 7 total downloads of this app.

  9. The Windows App Studio is asking for company authorization clause.
    I am not able to work on it further and update information.

  10. One of the foundations of internet and web is peer to peer. Equality. Constants.
    I was good in constants and my company knows about it. I forwarded it to internet.