Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Navratri Steps - Golu Padi

I bought ready to assemble Golu Padi from a south Indian store in Delhi. Giri Trading Agency, Munirka. The set was in 3 boxes and is made of plastic materials. It is suitable for golu padi as the toys are lightweight.
I and my mother started to assemble and join the plastic sticks at about 8:30pm day before yesterday. We managed to get the golu padi ready by 11:45pm.
I am attaching the photo of the golu padi after decoration. The decoration has been done by my wife and daughters.

We have started our navratri celebrations. How about you?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inspiration for Workouts

The first question is whether workouts? It is Yes for me as I have already sacrificed luxury and tasty food. I will not be eating tikkis, burgers etc. It shall be more or less simple food for me in present and in future. So the food issue has been quarantined. Hence the workout becomes a personal choice.
"Rest when you want to ; Workout when you don't" is my favorite workout quote from If I have to give a nickname to myself as some bodybuilders do, I will choose "PythaShastri". Ha !! Ha !! Ha!!. Because I hope to build strength on Pythagoras beliefs. And I am a vegan.
Habit once formed helps in staying inspired. Even a day lost could become difficult to manage and a person would get back into the habit.
But remember bodybuilding is a costly affair. You have to spend thousands on protein. I find Soy protein to be more suitable to my body. I have got for myself Amway Protein and shall have this instead of Nusobee soy drink.
So have will power and strive to make exercising a habit. Then you need not worry about inspiration.