Friday, January 25, 2013

A Big Leap Of Windows

The Windows 8 technology is a big leap for Microsoft. The jump is in similar proportion to the jump it took during MS-DOS to Windows 3.1.
I had a few ideas and wanted to develop them as Windows App. Measuring Behavior( and Becoming Extroverted( are in my opinion good algorithm for Windows Apps. But the programming would be too complex involving social sites.
I had another idea on "Memory Notes". Suppose one has to remember "Anil Ambani contributes $20,000 towards global warming". My logic was one person will remember because of Anil Ambani. Another person (like me) will remember for $20,000. And another person maybe for global warming. It is difficult to remember the sentence if one is not attracted by any of the above three.
I downloaded softwares from Microsoft hoping to develop Memory Notes. I even subscribed to Windows Azure in a server at US(West). But developing Metro Apps is highly complex and I had to uninstall all the softwares downloaded. I stand defeated  to the complexity of the software.
The technology is absolutely brilliant. The quality is high. But there is no scope for unfocussed and non-procedural approach to developing Metro Apps.