Friday, July 17, 2015

Inducing discipline in exercising by thoughts

I tend to drive myself into exercising by thinking. Although I have a desire for exercises but still I tend to loose my motivation on some occasions. A 45 minute target is reduced to 30 minutes. Or a weight session is skipped. Or a foam rolling is missed. I simply do not have it in me to go for the finish. I start off with motivation, but then I loose the objective. I simply allow myself to be overcome by my actual body state or perceived body state. I am not sure whether it is an actual body state or perceived body state.
However I am planning to get over this by slow and steady improvement. Probably very slow.
How do I control my food eating craving? I think about Sun, moon, rains and other circular happenings. I say to myself that most of the things are circular and so should my eating habits also be. This thought is working well. You may borrow this idea if you like it.
How to improve weight exercising? I am finding it difficult here. Probably I need Fish oil supplements to make my bones and joints healthy. The dumbbells weights are already less at 22 pounds (10 kg). I think a massage from a masseur is what is needed. But I do self massaging with a balm. And foam rolling.
I am a hard worker and lead an active life. I naturally walk about 9-10 kilometers in a day. But what do I think is sports improvement? Apart from physical thing.
"Sports improvement is the consistent balance maintained between different individual parts and systems under varying circumstances". Also there is a saying that "The chain breaks at the weakest point." Most of the excuses will arise due to the weakest point while in a sports activity. Maybe breath loss, maybe pain, maybe just give up. At that instant one must do something which makes the weakness stronger. Maybe breathe faster and more with mouth and nose. Or maybe reduce speed. Or maybe give up unpleasant thoughts and think about sunset or rains or something.
These are the things that I think about exercising. I am happy that I am consistent for the last two years.


  1. yes its very tough to maintain targets regarding exercise

  2. Yes. We normally tend to set high targets.
    Thanks, SM.

  3. Basically I feel the principle is 50% workout and 50% rest. This needs to be religiously followed.
    This would mean one day workout and the next day rest.
    Pros generally do arms one day, chest and back on second day and legs and abs the third day. Or similar such programs.
    This gives ample rest for every muscle.

  4. After one year of faithful gym with supplements; visible improvement is very negligible.
    But food control is permanent. And exercising is very regular.
    Also Americans are very strong. What many achieve in 3 months I am not able to do fraction in 1 year.
    The lessons learnt are food control. And weights session and rest period in equal measure.
    It is best to follow pros charts and schedules.