Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The case of Sudhir Mishra

Sudhir Mishra was found dead on a Thursday. He was killed by a lethal stab on his back . To be specific the knife completely damaged his spinal chord and punctured his heart.
Sudhir Mishra was a brilliant man. He had four friends in Raghu, Charles, Asif and Sukhbir. His friends were amazed at his brilliance and Raghu, Charles and Asif were many times critical of Sudhir Mishra's audacity for suggesting revolutionary steps.  Sukhbir was different. He would boil in rage from inside at Sudhir Mishra's audacity but would praise Sudhir Mishra in the meetings these five friends would have.
Inspector Cyrus Poonawala was assigned to solve the case of death of Sudhir Mishra.
Who killed Sudhir Mishra?