Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Bell in The Temple

The bell rang in the temple the other day. The speakers were amplifying the bhajan and spread the word of God everywhere. His home a few metres away from the temple, Ravi got up from his sofa. He washed his face and proceeded almost mechanically to the temple. It was a habit and he knew all the verses the priest would sing to the dieties.
Over a few months Ravi got acquainted with the priest. He would talk with the temple priest and got to know a lot about him. The name of the priest was Diwakar Jha. The last three generation of Diwakar were into priesthood. They lived very simple lives and were given monthly allowance by Dharma Society.
There was another person who would come to the temple regularly. He was Vivek Agrawal, the local grocery store owner. Ravi, Vivek and Diwakar would sometimes talk after the Aarti session of the temple. Most of the time they would dwelve on the local political and social situation. But they never criticised anybody but tried to offer positive suggestions.
Today the priest Diwakar looked worried. Ravi and Vivek followed Diwakar silently to each of the dieties silently uttering prayers in their minds. At a convenient time, Ravi and Vivek went to Diwakar and asked why he looked sad.
Diwakar then told that he was threatened by an Income Tax official that temple fund is being used to run Diwakar's house. Diwakar told Ravi and Vivek that maybe 100-200 rupees of temple funds were used but not more than that. "Is it wrong to add funds from temple this way?"
Ravi an expert in finances said that there is nothing called addition. Events are added in memory and conclusions drawn. Finance also acts on events and event addition. Ravi assured Diwakar that he and Vivek were adding events to the life of Diwakar by visiting temple every day. Vivek was a grocer and Ravi would put money in the temple every now and then. Together the three were enough to fight the Income Tax official. Ravi said if the man comes back, ring the bell of the temple loudly.
The ring of the temple bell is awaited . . .