Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Apps for SAIL built

I have developed Apps for my company SAIL. I had to subscribe cloud services to do this. The payment was in dollars and it was a little risky because the cost may be high. But I took the risk. The cost was Rs.1819 in credit card and I managed to subscribe to Microsoft Azure Services.
The second step was build an app. I decided to build it in App Studio as an experiment. SAIL always believed in experimentations. They give a free hand to experiment and then they decide whether the experiment was beneficial or not.
The data is fed into App as a text file from my PC. The App need not be regenerated every time. The data can be fed once in a week or so manually in the App Studio.
Here are the screenshots as in my Windows 8.1 workstation.


 I am a Microsoft certified Windows Developer. What I have done till now is just an experimental development. Including subscribing to cloud services.
To publish the app and make it available for others needs the app to be in Windows Store. Policy questionnaire and legal issues have to be digitally submitted. Of course, payment is also to be made.


  1. It is the demonstration of the power of cloud and app.
    A real data containing future events example was essential. If it were fictitious data then the crux of an app could not have been conveyed.
    Why is the title and description not labels of text? Why is it a data text?
    The reason is the app template. One cannot place "Board" and "The 417th . . ." as a label in the template. It is data.
    The payment for the app being available in store is remote, I think. So no one can possibly use it. I am able to display because of my being a Windows Developer, I think. I can become a part of msdn and get store publishing benefits. But how does it matter, anyways?

  2. There is the option of downloading source code and deployment at local level.
    This may be used in lan. Business and other data upto 240 small paragraphs can be made available in Windows 8.1 workstations.

  3. The above method is not suitable. I have checked it.

  4. This is interesting. If there are simple ways to create and updates apps like Wordpress for websites/blogs, that would be great. I am sure such platforms will be available in the near future, if not already.

    Destination Infinity

  5. I have absolutely no idea about Wordpress.
    Thanks, Destination Infinity.

  6. I have no intentions to take so much of responsibility and make available apps for SAIL. Because my hotmail account will be involved in corporate information.
    However, my services and cooperation to SAIL is total.
    So this blog session is closed.