Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lokpal bill passed

Lokpal bill has been passed by Lok Sabha yesterday. It is a bill which is consistent with times. It is a bill which was fought for, valiantly by Anna Hazare.
Why is this bill important? Under UN Convention, whistleblower policy is a welcome policy. India also needs to follow UN convention and therefore important. In India Lokpal Bill is an extension of this UN guideline. Anna Hazare, the great leader of modern times, the digital times has advocated for it.
Is justice going to be easy? No. Political parties have a strong clout. They consider themselves superior to common man and therefore unless a common man truly deserve justice under Lokpal, political parties will oppose.
Can there be improvement to Lokpal Bill? It will be difficult. All the people have to make Lokpal effective and should cause fear in government. Only then. It may be noted here that Anna Hazare will be observing the effectiveness of Lokpal in various states.
Most of my blogging time has been devoted to following Lokpal issue. It makes me happy that Lokpal issue has become a law.

Monday, December 9, 2013

More Digital

Everything at once is very apt. Because though widgets are there in Android, only Windows has Live Tiles (app + widget). Live Tiles makes possible "Everything At Once" more.
I have downloaded Visual Studio for Desktop. This particular software developer tool does not have tools for building Metro Apps. Metro Apps, by the way are quite complex. A lot of things have to be correct to make a successful Metro App. Metro App can be compared to COM objects, if I may say so. The Visual Studio for Desktop, however can develop Desktop application. A developed program tile in Start Screen of Windows 8, will be run in the desktop. Another thing that can be developed is Windows presentation application. I really do not understand much about it. Maybe someone can write about what is a windows presentation application all about.
I bought Google Nexus 7 tab from Flipkart. It was available at 43% discount. I read that it is fantastic for gaming. And it sure is.
Android KitKat is fantastic. It is simple. Not much complications to a common user.
Using Nexus 7 and flight simulator app, I managed to take off and land a flight successfully. I have got a grip on flights in tablets. I am also improving my biking skills in Dhoom 3 app.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Made As Japan

India has hinduism and budhhism. Many say though both are similar, their perceptions are different.
1)Boss is father like. Hinduism wants boss(father) as strict. Budhhism wants openness.
2)A Job is for lifelong. Hinduism treats job as bondage. Budhhism treats job as contribution.
3)Suggestions. Hinduism wants implemented suggestions. Budhhism studies feasibility and acceptability of suggestions.
4)Small improvements. Hinduism wants small spiritual improvement. Budhhism wants small lifestyle improvements.
5)Just in time. Hinduism follow no time. Budhhism wants everyone to follow their time.
6)Food.Iyers are preached to beg for food. Budhhists beg for food.
7)Beverages. Hindus drink beverages at hot temperature. Budhhists like drinking warm.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

XML - Data Structure explained?

XML can be a dangerous necessity. XML gives meaning to data structures and if I may say so, then there is no need for me to say that I am from India because <country>India</country> says it all.
I was wondering why I found it difficult to read the blogs of my interest(mine included) in my Windows mobile phone. It was relatively less difficult in my Windows 8 laptop. The reason is XML.
A Windows 8 laptop is probably able to understand more types of XML files than a Windows 8 phone.
W3C guidelines clearly states the rules for XML. One needs to specify the xml schema followed as the first line in an XML file. This is mandatory. It is also necessary to follow the xlink guidelines of W3C consortium.
What is the loss if someone do not follow the W3C guidelines? Is it only lacking netiquette? Is there a bigger loss? A matter to ponder.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Running Mathematician

Tarun was a brilliant mathematician. He believed in Pythagoras theorem and told himself that eyes, ears, hands, legs can be made to or already obeys Pythagoras laws. He claimed to his near relatives that he can see the Pauli exclusion principle to the maximum. He was laughed at by them but he kept believing in this theory.
One of his friend Shankar said that light was everything. Everyone was attracted to light and light is what matters. To Tarun however, light was only 3.8 x 10^8 m/s.
Tarun was always sidelined by people who mattered. He never could understand this. He thought that the world is fair and even handed. He also believed in black and white principle of China. Then he realised that people were scared to call the world fair and started thinking using grey cells(black and white combined).
Then he started thinking about change in velocity. The acceleration part. Why people wanted to be slow and steady? He could not find an answer to this. He thought let me jog everyday and try to find an answer to this.
He is waiting for an answer . . .


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Girl in the Beach

The small girl was standing in the beach. It was morning hours. The sun was just out. She felt her heart was at rhythm with the sound of the waves. She had curd diluted with sea water which her mother made and gave her.
The girl had a small bag on her left shoulder. She would pick up shells from the beaches and put them in her bag. She was careful of the type of shells she picked. She had a natural sense of value and would very carefully take out the one needed.
The little girl has become big now. She is a successful CEO. She is well known for the quality and ability to take decisions. And she owed it to the values she learnt herself. The values taught by the type of shell she would pick from the sea.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Full Circle

The man woke up from his sleep in the middle of the farm. He stood up. Just to see the horizon on all the sides. The earth seemed to be circular. He woke his dog. The dog woke up but could not see the horizon because its view was blocked by the grasses.
The man ran and ran in trying to reach the end of the circle. The dog too ran happily. But the man was unable to reach the end. He began to sweat. Luckily he saw a thin towel lying nearby. He took it and wiped his forehead. He felt cool.
He daily saw the sun moving above him in a circular way. He thought heat was also circular. And because towel made him feel cool, he drew a conclusion that cloth is also circular.
He thought of many such things. And he began to get mad. Then he started rotating about himself. He felt better. Then he thought whenever such thoughts come, he needs to rotate about himself.
It was night time. He slept then knowing that sleep means half death.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rock on the Roadside

The other day when I was jogging, I had to stop and change direction a little because there was a rock on the roadside. To me the presence of a rock is undesirable as it is difficult to remove and causes obstruction for a longer time. The jogging is preferable as it is morning hours and onlookers are likely to be inspired by exercise which is for a healthy lifestyle.
Jogging is a body science and an art. The most important ingredient is the persistence. I was sort of irregular for the last five years. I would do jogging say 10 days a month earlier. But nowadays it is a daily exercise for 30 minutes. My speed is more than 8kmph.
Over the years there are a lot of lessons learnt about exercises, especially jogging. The most important is relaxation. Believe me, relaxation is the key to a healthy exercising.
I am 45 years old now. It is difficult to improve the timing of jogging. Maybe I can improve to 10 kmph speed for 1 hour at the most.
If you are new to jogging, there are some more tips that I would like to give here.
Breathing is a difficult thing. It is advisable to breathe with nose throughout the jogging session. This may mean very slow speed. But it is still advisable to jog at a speed where you can manage with breathing with nose.
If you jog for 30 minutes, do not forget to massage your legs with ointment for 30 minutes.
It is a challenge to make 8 kmph to 10 kmph and that too for double the time. There are weaknesses and obstacles like the rock in the road.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Bell in The Temple

The bell rang in the temple the other day. The speakers were amplifying the bhajan and spread the word of God everywhere. His home a few metres away from the temple, Ravi got up from his sofa. He washed his face and proceeded almost mechanically to the temple. It was a habit and he knew all the verses the priest would sing to the dieties.
Over a few months Ravi got acquainted with the priest. He would talk with the temple priest and got to know a lot about him. The name of the priest was Diwakar Jha. The last three generation of Diwakar were into priesthood. They lived very simple lives and were given monthly allowance by Dharma Society.
There was another person who would come to the temple regularly. He was Vivek Agrawal, the local grocery store owner. Ravi, Vivek and Diwakar would sometimes talk after the Aarti session of the temple. Most of the time they would dwelve on the local political and social situation. But they never criticised anybody but tried to offer positive suggestions.
Today the priest Diwakar looked worried. Ravi and Vivek followed Diwakar silently to each of the dieties silently uttering prayers in their minds. At a convenient time, Ravi and Vivek went to Diwakar and asked why he looked sad.
Diwakar then told that he was threatened by an Income Tax official that temple fund is being used to run Diwakar's house. Diwakar told Ravi and Vivek that maybe 100-200 rupees of temple funds were used but not more than that. "Is it wrong to add funds from temple this way?"
Ravi an expert in finances said that there is nothing called addition. Events are added in memory and conclusions drawn. Finance also acts on events and event addition. Ravi assured Diwakar that he and Vivek were adding events to the life of Diwakar by visiting temple every day. Vivek was a grocer and Ravi would put money in the temple every now and then. Together the three were enough to fight the Income Tax official. Ravi said if the man comes back, ring the bell of the temple loudly.
The ring of the temple bell is awaited . . .

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Remembering History

The other day, I was reading history. The following are some of the points I noted down:-

1) Babur wrote that people in Indian subcontinent were dark, weak and lazy.

2) Akbar was great because he had brilliant men supporting him. Birbal, Tansen, Man Singh.

3) Battle of Plassey altered the course of history. East India Company started waging war.

4) British did what seemed right to them. They did not tolerate indiscipline, though.

5) Simon came on a friendly visit. He wanted to give more powers to provinces. But Lala Lajpat Rai opposed. This opposition could have meant support of two powers in parliament. Needless to say Bhagat Singh too supported Lala Lajpat Rai.

6) Oxford Book of History of India says that Unity was always the hallmark of Indian culture.

Is there any points you like about our history? Please comment here.

Friday, April 5, 2013


The other day I bought the book "Principle Centered Leadership" by Stephen Covey.
Leadership is a much needed virtue. Every organisation must inculcate leadership in their employees. Every organisation can inculcate leadership in their employees. Can because India is a democratic country. And democracy is about leadership.
Who is a leader? A leader is 1 in 1000. This definition is correct considering the population in the country.  What makes 1 among 1000? It could be 1 correct answer to 1000 questions.
Unlike popular perception, a Level 5 leader can be shy. Not necessarily the outspoken, extroverted guy the next door. Anna Hazare is a great leader. Definitely a Level 5 one.
A leader needs nerves of steel. In my work area, he should be able to inspire people to work. Work of both types, hard work and smart work. I tell the core issue for inspiring people to do hard work. The center of the problem. The most important issue. And for work which needs smartness,  I say the maximum and the minimum expected. What will happen if you apply for a loan? You may get more than you applied for. Or you will be thrown out.
But of course leaders are not the only one important. The followers may be equally important.  Especially in soft skills areas. Otherwise there may be a noisy scene. And headaches. You may have to take 3 saridons. 2 points. Bhawna Somaiyya ratings !!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 facts about myself

Yesterday, I got the badge Liebster blog from a fellow blogger Destination Infinity. I am stating 10 facts about myself as a customary requirement.
1. I am driven by my heart. If I do not like something I do not do it. Though may be important.
2. I speak to myself. So, confused whether I talk much or not.
3. I could have been a music director.
4. Money is the most intelligent thing. Why? If a thing can get you any item in this world then it has to be intelligent.
5. I like doing routine work.
6. I work according to formulas and methods.
7. I do exercises about 2 days a week from my teen onwards.
8. I find Stephen Covey to be the most inspiring self-help guru.
9. India is not deprived of anything. Any court of law will say India has resources. But still India is behind. It hurts.
10. SPB is my favourite singer.

These are some of the points. Hey, Destination Infinity, I kept my word within permissible time I promised.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where is the cloud anyway?

The other day it rained in Delhi. We read in Geography that it is due to westerly disturbances. God gives cloud.
That reminded me of cloud computing. Where is the cloud? Believe me the cloud is right there in your hardware. Yes, you own the cloud. That is the brilliance of virtual drives. Mark my words, virtual computing is the future. As a professional executive with experience in virtual drives, I will advise the deepest business thoughts ever in past and in future and now to consider investing in virtual computing business model. If you do not follow this, your loss starts . . . . . now.
Who would not want to have Pyarelal playlist as one of your drives?

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Big Leap Of Windows

The Windows 8 technology is a big leap for Microsoft. The jump is in similar proportion to the jump it took during MS-DOS to Windows 3.1.
I had a few ideas and wanted to develop them as Windows App. Measuring Behavior( and Becoming Extroverted( are in my opinion good algorithm for Windows Apps. But the programming would be too complex involving social sites.
I had another idea on "Memory Notes". Suppose one has to remember "Anil Ambani contributes $20,000 towards global warming". My logic was one person will remember because of Anil Ambani. Another person (like me) will remember for $20,000. And another person maybe for global warming. It is difficult to remember the sentence if one is not attracted by any of the above three.
I downloaded softwares from Microsoft hoping to develop Memory Notes. I even subscribed to Windows Azure in a server at US(West). But developing Metro Apps is highly complex and I had to uninstall all the softwares downloaded. I stand defeated  to the complexity of the software.
The technology is absolutely brilliant. The quality is high. But there is no scope for unfocussed and non-procedural approach to developing Metro Apps.