Saturday, July 4, 2015

Unproved bodybuilding theory

"Visible fat can only be get rid of by voluntary muscular action" - A challenge statement by Ganesan Kirtivasan, body builder.
This theory is not proved. But then some theories like Fermat's theorem takes years to be proved.  By the way, Fermat's theorem can be proved by mathematical induction. Then I wonder why this proof is not enough? Maybe some brainy blogger would like to enlighten me on this.
Another thing is, in sports it was found that a team which sat for two days analyzing and thinking about improvement performed much better than a team which practiced for two days.
This is important to coaches. Only if the athlete is able to point out his weaknesses properly should be allowed to practice further.
Nowadays it is 45 minutes of slow jogging in a comfortable breathing mode that is being done.


  1. Only life wave etched body and memory can answer. But sometimes the etching may be fast.
    I guess the mathematicians has to consider real, rational and other numbers too. Not just integers. Hence, mathematical induction may not be enough.