Saturday, May 16, 2015

Travel by Delhi Metro

I commute to office by metro. I board at Dwarka Sector 10 and get down at Nirman Vihar station. To reach office.

The morning journey is to read the news in mobile. What is the government upto? What are the major happenings? How is the economy faring? The news app reading is now a little less exciting. But in some mornings I do find reading news from app exciting. And in some not so much. But in most of the mornings reading economic news is now, more difficult. Also I find it difficult to contribute to my economy blog,

In the evenings, most of the time I listen to music. Carnatic music is most soothing. I also listen to old music, new music and Tamil old music.

The metro journey is pleasant with good air-conditioning. Many times in the evenings I do not get a seat and have to travel back standing. But it does not matter with powerful air conditioners.

There are all types of people commuting in the metro. There are some who sit on the floor near the vestibule area. Many times one gets to see young lovers, cuddling and touching. Then there are government service ladies who look at even old men with demanding eyes expecting to vacate a seat for them. Then there are men with games apps or newspaper spending the journey time with the mobile or newspaper.

The best part of metro journey is the Dwarka area travel in the evenings.  There are flats in both the sides of metro of four five floors, all lit beautifully in the evening. Also the metro becomes almost empty before Dwarka area and the view becomes more soothing.

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