Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven things about me

I have got tagged and I am writing seven things about me as per the conditions of being tagged. I won a badge as a bargain. The Blogger Award badge you see below Liebster's Blog badge.

  1. I lead a routine life.
  2. I am bound by nature's plan. Magnetic field, count of trees, movement of bodies etc.
  3. The latest songs I downloaded are Atif Aslam (Aadat and Main mari jaawan), Usha Uthup (Doston Se Pyaar kiya) and Dhrupad by Dagar brothers (Kafi ki Hori - Kesar Ghar ke Rang Bano Hai). 
  4. I have built an Android App of my blogs and have installed in Motorola mobile.
  5. I like wearing good and clean dresses.
  6. I keep my nails trimmed and I shave daily.
  7. I brush my shoes everyday.
So that is it !!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Body and Otherwise

Your palm in the hand has gaps and fingers. The gaps are 1 (thumb and first finger gap) and 3 (the gaps between four fingers). Similar is the other hand. 1 and 3. When we bring two hands nearby, then the gaps become 9 and the fingers 10. (I am explaining numbers using e constant).
These two hands together needs to give 9 or 10.
One formula is , 1 squared plus 3 squared. Which gives 10. Pythagoras.
The other formula is 1 plus 3. Let us say it gives 9. This means it is 1 plus 3 equals 3 squared. This expression is similar to Golden Ratio equation.
How about this ?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to Clinical Fitness

I wrote in the other blog that if Jogging and Dumbbells at home is self-medication, then gym is medication in a clinic. Now, I have joined the gym again. The same Enigma Fitness. For 3 months.
I feel more comfortable and better in gym.
I shall write more on strategies and workout plans later, as and when I discover something significant.