Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Chess as I play

With this sort of starting I usually beat AI Factory's Chess Free app at Level 5.
With this sort of opening I usually extend Level 5 of above a lot. But finally get defeated.
1. Bishop visualisation is very poor.
2. Pawn visualisation is very poor.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

MMM - Maximum Mathematics Materials

The following are the mathematical materials that I have desire to master.

About Steel Industry in India

Tata Steel is number one.
Jindal Steel is number two.
SAIL is number three.
The key objective of a state CM like Mr. Naveen Patnaik would be to groom the SAIL unit RSP to satisfy state priorities like employment, lifestyle, know-how or skills of Oriyas. Similarly such is the wish of Tamil Nadu CM Mr. Palanisamy for Salem Steel Plant.
SAIL board must be a big irritant to these big guys as possibly SAIL board cannot satisfy all the needs of individual CMs.
Now coal, minerals etc. are best imported collectively by SAIL, Jindal and Tata.
It is best that individual CMs communicate with Tata and Jindals for their state steel plants for crucial resources.
SAIL board is responsible for keeping cordiality with these CMs and also liasoning with Steel ministry. The SAIL board is expected to arrange finances for running cost. Capital cost is likely to be influenced more by individual state governments.
On a personal front I feel I have Level 5 leadership qualities and want a streamlined organisation.
I used to read Economic Times regularly.
I used to blog on global steel scene.
I am interested in mathematical constants.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Books downloaded from internet

I have bought books for kindle reader. These I had already posted in my blogs. If you have missed them: here is the link http://kirtivasan-powerofyourcompany.blogspot.com/2017/10/communist-america.html?m=1.
Then I have painstakingly downloaded books which were free from internet into my mobile. Here are the snapshots.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Three good things of Indian society

The three good things of Indian society are:-
1. Zebra line crossers - Bronze level. Indians are law abiders and have good sense of sharing and accomodating. Even if some people are not a police officer usually is able to instill fear and make a person follow rules.
2. Luxury sacrifice - Silver level. Indians can take up hardships and usually stay away from luxurious indulgences.
3. Family values - Gold level. Indians love a family life. Parents love their children and usually this love is the motive of most of the actions of an Indian.
I request comments from fellow bloggers.

Three ills of Indian society

The three ills of Indian society are:
1. Cheats - Bronze level. A honest man requires loan for entrepreneurship. Let's say. But there are 100s who scheme to get loans on dubious grounds. Then it becomes impossible for the genuine guy.
2. Dirt - Silver level. There are people who are unclean and defacate in open. And may eat forbidden things. They cause shame to others.
3. Papers - Gold level. Co-ordination and co-operation are more important than a written piece of paper. But many people in government and PSUs work hard with pen and paper and play politics or create rules. Or discourage young. Or expect to memorize. Or be aware of silly rules.
I request fellow bloggers to comment and share views.
Now when I have written about ills; I must also offer solution.
My solution is "Make your best move".

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Improving Focus of your Life

In my blogs, I have written about all aspects of a personality and improvement steps that can be taken.
I have written on Measuring Behaviour to understand people.
I have written on Becoming Extroverted and improving verbal communication.
I have written on Up and Working to get rid of latency of not getting up to do work.
I have written on Zero Laziness too.
In all these I have used intuitions and pseudo-mathematics to be sure that my ideas and their implementation happen.
Only one aspect of personality has been left out. In my opinion. And that is improving focus. Improving focus gets you success. In today's world there is no point in being blunt. You have to be sharp and focussed. With this aspect of Focus Improvement, I believe my idea of a complete personality is over.
Take the help of the worksheet attached. Fill up, add, change the fields in them. Just be working with it. I am sure it will improve focus. There is one more reason why focus should improve by working on this sheet. Because it has one row on top(past) and two rows on bottom(future). And this shape is similar to mathematical constant pi.