Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thinking Workouts

Workouts need to be flexible. When one is motivated enough and does exercises for about 4 days in a week for last many years; then that person can be called a regular exerciser.
But situations keep changing. Maybe getting big may be an objective. But it is very expensive for an Indian. Maybe reducing fat is an objective. But it requires tremendous discipline, patience and stamina to attain this objective. Maybe realization of body, mind and spirit is an objective. But then yoga is not easy. Flexibility is needed. And success in pranayama requires a lifestyle of a particular type.
When a person moves from one place to another he cannot be expected to do exercises the same way. He needs to be flexible. Free body exercises like squats, abs crunches, push-ups can be continued at any place.
A person doing workouts need to think a lot and do exercises according to the situation and his thoughts in the morning and his body condition. Workouts need to be thought out.
But the objective remains. To be occupied in the mornings with some form of exercises.