Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thank you Microsoft

Touchdevelop is an internet based programming for touch devices programs made available by Microsoft. I had earlier developed applications on Touchdevelop. These, I used in mySAIL App which is now withdrawn from the Windows Stores.
Recently, I developed two more applications in Touchdevelop.
About 10 years back, on the MSN site there was a link with an invitation to chat with computer. I thought the program was brilliant but did not have any clue how it worked. It seemed amazing !!
Recently, about a week back, I understood the logic of the program I chatted with 10 years back in MSN site.
I decided to make a similar App. Here is the link Interaction
There is another Touchdevelop application I developed for SAIL products. Which unit makes what product quiz.
Here is the link SAIL Products Quiz.
I had earlier made Steel Game and Email to me in Microsoft's Touchdevelop.
Hope, all the bloggers visiting this site find these programs interesting. And Thanks to Microsoft for making available programming possible from internet.

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