Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Give and Take

What can I give to the society?
I can give theory on numbers. Let us say it will earn me $x.

What is it that I want to learn?

  1. I want to learn caricature and cartooning from the best( Disney Level teacher).  Mentally I think I will have to spend $0.6x.
  2. I want to learn chess from Indian Grandmasters. Mentally I think I will have to spend $0.4x.
So what I can teach and what I want to learn are balanced. Total earning potential = Total desires in learning.

Many of you may want to enquire, whether I do not want to learn carnatic in violin or electric guitar. My interests have subdued in music learning. Currently caricatures, cartoons and chess are high in interests.

( I beat Stockfish 2 AI level in Though I have a feeling that I can reach Stockfish 4 AI Level).

Monday, October 8, 2018

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a famous dish in Ranchi.
Litti is wheat flour balls filled with Sattu(secret recipe containing chana dal and other ingredients)  and fried in desi ghee after heating the balls up in coal stove. First the balls are made. Then heated up. Then fried in ghee.
Chokha is Aloo bhaji with mild spices.
The combination is excellent and well balanced too for an Indian.
I remember there is a shop in Vikas Marg, Delhi selling Litti.
Two Litttis and Chokha will serve as a nice lunch during winters. If served with mildly spiced buttermilk; this combination may go well with foreigners too.