Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sahi Dahi (The Right Curd)

Gujaratis are great organisers. Through internet, by pamphlets or organising events. They excel in these sort of things and canvas very well.
The elections in 2014 created the nickname NaMo for Narender Modi. Then the lion from Gir, Amit Shah organised UP constituencies campaigning. The assembly elections were organised so professionally by BJP that one could not help thinking that it is indeed a khakra. Then NaMo branded items were sold. Of course one should not forget the 3D hologram campaigning of NaMo. Then Modiji came up with the idea of Chai Pe Charcha.
The Congress too is trying to take away the momentum from BJP by its proposed Rahul Milk campaign. Milk is a very basic necessity for us and it is considered as the most correct thing in this world. The dairy industry is huge and will generate votes for Congress because of the efforts of Congress party in diary industry. The efforts were really big and would have milked even a bull.
It will not be incorrect if I say that Samajwadi Party comes up with the idea of Sahi Dahi . They are well known for rustic comments and demeaning sense of humour. The south indians may not like this idea. They are critical and fault finding humour types. Full marks to Destination Infinity site.
Sahi Dahi is what is suggested to Samajwadi Party to counter this threat. It is not me alone who speaks this. I am confident of the support of Mayawatiji !!