Thursday, April 30, 2015

Freedom - A Short Story

Kirti woke up from his sleep at 6 am. He had a good 8 hours of sleep. He felt refreshed and looked forward to this day. It was a holiday and he decided to spend the whole day to his liking.
He went to gymnasium at 7 am and did weights workouts. He was happy with the shape his body was getting into. He did workout for one full hour with concentration, dedication and intelligence. He was out of the gym by 8 am.
He then decided to do a combination of running, jogging and walking for an hour. He did that and by 9 am he felt much worked out and his whole body was enthusiastic and was vibrating with life.
He went home and at 10 am he did prayers to God. For half an hour. Just he and God and the prayers. He thought this time was important to well being of not only himself but also the whole humanity and nature.
At 11 am he decided to teach himself music. He knew the theories and he played cassettes and looked to internet and started singing and learning Raagas. He learnt music for 2 hours.
At 2pm he felt a bit restless and decided to do cartoons. He spent a good 1 hour on this hobby.
At 3 pm he read newspapers and magazines and spent a full one and half hours on them. He was happy with the state of affairs in his country. And he was glad that the newspapers reiterated this fact.
At 5 pm he had a cup of coffee and thought "Why not expand his theories on life and life forces?". He spent 2 hours working on his theories. He used a laptop also to help build his theories and explanations.
At 7:30 pm, he felt hungry and asked his mother to give him dinner. His mother looked at him in anger and said, "You have done nothing fruitful the whole day. Just think it over. If you have to lead a life like this everyday, then, will it fetch you food?"

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