Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Published App

I developed an App in the Windows App Studio and have now published it. This App is of my cartoons.
I request all my Blog followers having Windows 8.1 in their laptops, workstations or tablets to install this App. You may use the following link for installation


1 comment:

  1. Publishing an app over Windows Store is like boarding a flight for international journeys.(A similar analogy is provided in Windows Store guidelines).
    You have to keep all the files , publisher ID and package ID ready. And you have to explain clearly what your app will do; who your audiences will be; the age group etc.
    And just like an airlines official checks documents, your app also goes through preliminary checking. Just like frisking, your App also goes through security checking for bugs, malware etc.
    I got Windows Store account as an individual by payment of Rs.1201.00.