Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Suitable Body

The workouts at gym are continuing. I find working out a pleasant event. Serious !!

The best formula that I discovered (from www.bodybuilding.com) has to be this. Athleticism is maximising strength by fat ratio. It is as simple as that.

My typical workout routine currently is
  1. Chest Press or Pec fly alternated every other day
  2. Bicep Curls or Forearm lifts alternated every other day
  3. Lateral Pull down or Shoulder lifts alternated every other day
  4. Leg curls sitting or leg curls lying down alternated every other day

  1. Ellipticals or cycling for 15 minutes

  1. Abs on decline bench or leg raises or leg cycling for 5 minutes

In weight machines I try to do 5 sets of 11 reps in each. I manage to do 50lb for larger muscles and about 33lb for smaller muscles.

I take whey drink in the mornings. And Soy + Complan mix in the evenings. I take creatine. Other food eaten are normal home food for office goers.

I am about to complete 6 months. I am planning to extend by another 3 months. The schedule that I plan to follow will be as above.

Your comments.


  1. I have replaced "1.Abs on decline bench or leg raises or leg cycling for 5 minutes" with "Another cardio for 8 minutes" in my workout schedule.
    At home I do dumbbells workout in the evenings. Now, I do "One set to maximum" routine. This is fast and less boring.

  2. I had written earlier on the importance of massaging in bodybuilding.
    I bought foam roller for massaging. I shall write about its effectiveness tomorrow.

  3. Sorry, I could not write.
    Yes, the foam roller seems to be damn effective.