Monday, August 18, 2014

Digital Additions

I have mentioned the status of my Nokia 720 . The current status is exactly similar to the snapshot that I posted on 30th June 2014.

But Nokia 1520? I am putting the snapshot of my Nokia 1520 screen here.
Nokia 1520 is also upgraded to Windows 8.1, now.

I also bought Microsoft Office. It was difficult to make notes and accounting daily expenses etc in mobile. I have Windows 8.1 and Office compatible to it was needed. So I got MS Office. I use Word to jot down notes, Excel for accounting etc. It is more convenient to use than mobiles.

I managed to complete 5th flight game of Level 3 in Flight game by Unity. This is in my Android Google Nexus tab. I have fulfilled one condition to move on to Level 4. However total medals earned is 34 out of possible 45.  The Level 4 can be unlocked only if I improve my medals tally to 40 (the second condition). I have to improve my medals in many games of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 to get 6 more medals.



  1. I earned 2 medals yesterday in game 5 of level 3. Now my score is 36 with 3 levels completed. Now, improving medal tally is not easy. I will try though to make my medal tally to 40.

  2. Another flight game that I have in Google Nexus tab is the Cessna aircraft one in Rio de Janeiro background.
    Skill is required here. Patience is required after you master this game. But it never fails to make me feel uninterested.
    Yet another game on Boeing in Nexus was tough to understand. I do not play this one.

  3. I improved by 2 more medals yesterday. My medals tally is now 38.
    If anybody wants to improve flight games, then I can suggest tips.

  4. I have got 40 medals. Unlocked 4th level.