Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who is more hypocrite ? - A short story

Anand yells at Balan. "You have not helped me out. Did you? You could not have spared Rs.200 for me, when I needed it?"
Balan responds defensively and says, "I know you have an urgent need for this money. I do not have much to spare. Also, I may need money at the end of month. I thought my need was more and I decided not to lend you. Am I being a hypocrite?"
Anand decides not to talk on this further. He switches on Samba music and murmurs, "Let me change mood with this favorite music of mine."
Balan says angrily, " Your favorite? When did Samba music become your favorite? I thought you liked pop more. Are you not a hypocrite?"
Anand yells back, " No I am not. Just that Samba is my favorite at this instant."
Caushik who was eating potato chips, was hearing the conversations all the while. He did not stop eating his chips and went to the table to get another packet.
Balan was aghast with the behaviour of Caushik. He shouted at him. He said," Caushik are you not a hypocrite? Most of the poor die due to hunger. And here you are. Chips after chips. Shameful !!"
Caushik resorted. He said, " My eating is not going to harm world hunger. Anyway development work needs a man with full stomach to work effectively."
Balan was aghast with the behaviour of Anand and Caushik. He was also not too happy with Dhanush who preferred to be silent most of the time. Balan thought Dhanush knew only a few words because he would hardly speak 10 words in a day.
Balan says to Dhanush, "Have you seen the behaviour of Anand and Caushik? Disgraceful isn't it? Already the population in our country is high. And we have hypocrites like Anand and Caushik who cause harm to others. What is the use in their being alive?"
Dhanush did not speak. He moved. He picks up machine gun hidden in his back and brings it to the front and fires at Anand, Balan and Caushik, killing them instantly.
Dhanush then says, " I have killed three men. Population has been reduced. Am I a hypocrite?"