Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inspiration for Workouts

The first question is whether workouts? It is Yes for me as I have already sacrificed luxury and tasty food. I will not be eating tikkis, burgers etc. It shall be more or less simple food for me in present and in future. So the food issue has been quarantined. Hence the workout becomes a personal choice.
"Rest when you want to ; Workout when you don't" is my favorite workout quote from If I have to give a nickname to myself as some bodybuilders do, I will choose "PythaShastri". Ha !! Ha !! Ha!!. Because I hope to build strength on Pythagoras beliefs. And I am a vegan.
Habit once formed helps in staying inspired. Even a day lost could become difficult to manage and a person would get back into the habit.
But remember bodybuilding is a costly affair. You have to spend thousands on protein. I find Soy protein to be more suitable to my body. I have got for myself Amway Protein and shall have this instead of Nusobee soy drink.
So have will power and strive to make exercising a habit. Then you need not worry about inspiration.


  1. just be careful about proteins just go for natural and trusted branda

  2. I have demonstrated club level power. 333 W.
    Without proteins one should not think of gym. I hope you understand this.
    Thanks, SM.

  3. There are cases where 480W power has been demonstrated. I read Indie Military generate 380W.

  4. Amway protein is good. It is bland in taste. I mix it with a scoop of Chocolate Complan. I have it in the evenings.
    In the morning it is Chocolate Whey drink from GNC. Creatine is also GNC.

  5. "Maximise body in the mornings; Lift tired mood in the evenings" is the motto of PythaShastri.

  6. Even fasting and yoga needs protein. My limited understanding say this.

  7. I have started doing Surya Namaskar in the mornings. I hope to slowly add few more yogasanas, but first I am developing a habit of exercising with this. Good to know that you are vegan. Some day, I too want to become a vegan from vegetarian.

    Destination Infinity

  8. Vegetarian (especially in South East Asia) many times mean white meat. Fowls, fish etc. Vegan best describes Indian vegetarian in international arena.
    I have reached the last stages of body transformation, from fat to fit. I sometimes feel sad when I think about the drastic change that I have undertaken.
    But it is a right step. I was always athletic. Now and then I would keep myself active physically before bodybuilding. I learnt yoga, pranayama from gurus.
    To stay in Delhi one needs to be assertive and your body should speak assertiveness without your opening the mouth. I was confident of body building and I hope to silence my critics and get peace for myself with a strong body. Especially when I deserve and can get a strong body.