Monday, December 9, 2013

More Digital

Everything at once is very apt. Because though widgets are there in Android, only Windows has Live Tiles (app + widget). Live Tiles makes possible "Everything At Once" more.
I have downloaded Visual Studio for Desktop. This particular software developer tool does not have tools for building Metro Apps. Metro Apps, by the way are quite complex. A lot of things have to be correct to make a successful Metro App. Metro App can be compared to COM objects, if I may say so. The Visual Studio for Desktop, however can develop Desktop application. A developed program tile in Start Screen of Windows 8, will be run in the desktop. Another thing that can be developed is Windows presentation application. I really do not understand much about it. Maybe someone can write about what is a windows presentation application all about.
I bought Google Nexus 7 tab from Flipkart. It was available at 43% discount. I read that it is fantastic for gaming. And it sure is.
Android KitKat is fantastic. It is simple. Not much complications to a common user.
Using Nexus 7 and flight simulator app, I managed to take off and land a flight successfully. I have got a grip on flights in tablets. I am also improving my biking skills in Dhoom 3 app.


  1. So, if there are any technical issues in the flights you travel, ppl. need not worry here-afterwards. You can land flights in emergencies, anyway ;)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Of course not.
    By the way Nexus 7 is available for Rs.7999. 1000 less than the price I bought for. 50% discount. Go ahead and buy now. No back camera. Only Wi-Fi.
    Thanks, Destination Infinity.

  3. I am waiting for Moto G and Micromax Mad to get launched. I want calling facility and 3G, Screen size can be smaller as I need to be able to put it inside my pocket. So, I think a large screen phone is better and tablet for my application.

  4. Nexus 7 is value for money for gaming. This is stated by IT journalists. Not my statement. Of course, I bought the device before and later I read that it is good for gaming.
    Motorola is ultimate. Micromax may not be good for gaming.
    Thanks, Destination Infinity.