Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rock on the Roadside

The other day when I was jogging, I had to stop and change direction a little because there was a rock on the roadside. To me the presence of a rock is undesirable as it is difficult to remove and causes obstruction for a longer time. The jogging is preferable as it is morning hours and onlookers are likely to be inspired by exercise which is for a healthy lifestyle.
Jogging is a body science and an art. The most important ingredient is the persistence. I was sort of irregular for the last five years. I would do jogging say 10 days a month earlier. But nowadays it is a daily exercise for 30 minutes. My speed is more than 8kmph.
Over the years there are a lot of lessons learnt about exercises, especially jogging. The most important is relaxation. Believe me, relaxation is the key to a healthy exercising.
I am 45 years old now. It is difficult to improve the timing of jogging. Maybe I can improve to 10 kmph speed for 1 hour at the most.
If you are new to jogging, there are some more tips that I would like to give here.
Breathing is a difficult thing. It is advisable to breathe with nose throughout the jogging session. This may mean very slow speed. But it is still advisable to jog at a speed where you can manage with breathing with nose.
If you jog for 30 minutes, do not forget to massage your legs with ointment for 30 minutes.
It is a challenge to make 8 kmph to 10 kmph and that too for double the time. There are weaknesses and obstacles like the rock in the road.



  1. jogging is excellent exercise
    yes breathing is important

  2. My speed is indeed 8 kmph for 20 minutes of jogging.
    But I am facing difficulties in handling plateau. The stage where you involuntarily say no more.
    I am planning to clean lungs with Kapalabhati.

  3. Todat I managed 11 kmph for 26 minutes.
    This has given me confidence. If you are following some of the techniques I mentioned then do write a comment.

  4. Because there is no comment, it is presumed that my technique is not being followed.

  5. Guys, it is 7.6 kmph speed that I can manage for 30 minutes now.
    No doubt you all know 10 kmph for 1 hour may be a difficult task.
    I think no harm in trying.
    Some steps contemplated are:-
    1. Cleaning of lungs by steaming and Kapalabhati.
    2. Doing exercises for legs especially calf muscles. Bullworker and pilates exercises.
    3. Drink Complan. It gives protein from milk and has added minerals and vitamins and Pfizer claims in a easily digestible form.
    4. There may be physiological weaknesses too like non usage of thighs etc. These I am planning my body to discover over time.

  6. Good to know that you are jogging. How do you measure speed?

    I tried jogging, but it is difficult to jog for more than 10/15 minutes. So, I walk for 30-45 minutes everyday (almost).

    Destination Infinity

  7. Google Baba. Dwarka sector 10 map and a watch.
    I am planning to strap a bag on my back, keep Nokia having a jogger app and maybe a sports drink bottle.

  8. The role of thigh I think is in relaxation. i.e. lifting of the lower part of leg. This is an important discovery !!

  9. I jogged today also. 7.6 kmph for 30 minutes.

  10. Today morning it was 10 kmph for 15 minutes. There is a reason for this. I was experimenting using thigh muscles in running.
    My salvation depends on increasing this time by four times. 10kmph for 1 hour.

  11. I am planning to use Jogger App from tomorrow morning onwards. I have a waist pouch which will cause least hindrance, and shall have my phone.
    I shall explore sharing data in a relevant site.
    I have plans of jogging as an aerobic exercise only. So 45 minutes is my current target.

  12. I used the Jogger app.
    The first day results. 2.2 km. 13 minutes. 10.2 kmph. 93 calories.
    The waist pouch was comfortable. I was anxious and was unsure of the app working.