Monday, September 16, 2013

The Full Circle

The man woke up from his sleep in the middle of the farm. He stood up. Just to see the horizon on all the sides. The earth seemed to be circular. He woke his dog. The dog woke up but could not see the horizon because its view was blocked by the grasses.
The man ran and ran in trying to reach the end of the circle. The dog too ran happily. But the man was unable to reach the end. He began to sweat. Luckily he saw a thin towel lying nearby. He took it and wiped his forehead. He felt cool.
He daily saw the sun moving above him in a circular way. He thought heat was also circular. And because towel made him feel cool, he drew a conclusion that cloth is also circular.
He thought of many such things. And he began to get mad. Then he started rotating about himself. He felt better. Then he thought whenever such thoughts come, he needs to rotate about himself.
It was night time. He slept then knowing that sleep means half death.


  1. The man felt hungry. He rolled a paper into cone And inserted into navel. Then he had food.
    When he had to excrete he would keep the cone in reverse in his navel and pass stools.